“ORPHAN”or “Adoption Is Scary”- My fuckin review

I watched “Orphan” last night. I was like this orphan trick is innocent. The new family kept riding her ass til she snapped and then “HAD” to kill. They made fun of her clothes and accent, so I don’t blame her. Also the husband believed the Orphan over the wife. I kept saying the whole movie “fuck you I want a divorce”, “fuck you I want a divorce”. I mean if you are married to me for 10 years, then some orphan bitch moves in and you start believing her over me, well fuck you and that orphan, I am moving out. Also the Orphan caught her new parents having sex in the kitchen, but I mean shit, if you have 2 kids and an orphan in the same house you can’t knock boots in the kitchen, take that shit to your bedroom. Basically this shit was the GOOD SON part 2 -The Good Sister. And let some kid come at me with a knife and I will come at them with an UZI.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Skip this shit.

B. Go watch “The Good Son“.

C. I liked her clothing.

D. Beat her ass.

E. This movie is gross.

F. If you adopt a kid, that kid will sleep with your husband and try to kill you.

G. This movie gave orphans a bad name. I will stick with the Starlite girls from Jem and the Holograms.

H. This poster is gross.

One thought on ““ORPHAN”or “Adoption Is Scary”- My fuckin review

  1. Yeah, it was definitely a re-hashing of The Good Son. I didn’t see the twist coming, though, and thought that aspect of it was kinda cool. Also, if you just never have kids, you can do it wherever the fuck you want to in your own goddamn house.

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