“When a Stranger Calls” aka “Don’t pick up the phone bitch”

Ok so this one is an oldy but a weirdy. I finally sat down and watched “When A Stranger Calls” it was made in 1979, and I have only seen pieces of it, and it is really like watching 2 films. The first part involves a babysitter named Carol Kane, she is a white chick who is babysitting 2 kids who are asleep upstairs. After chilling for a bit, she starts getting phone calls on the house phone (something people used to have before cell phones). It is this pervy creepy english dude that sounds like Dr. Loomis from Halloween, he keeps asking her if she has checked the children. She never does, I guess she doesn’t care. So then she calls the police, and the police in this film are like “You are a stupid bitch, why would a rapist call you on the phone”. He keeps calling and she keeps answering, I will take that phone off the hook, or flip mo (reverse) that phone call, and start asking him what he is wearing. For instance…

Perv- “Why haven’t you checked the children?”

Me- (in a sexy deep voice) “what are you wearing?”

Perv- “Why haven’t you checked the children?”

Me- “Why don’t you come over maybe we can have a good time”

Perv -“What about the the children?”

Me- “What about deez Nutz bitch?”

perv- Hangs up.

Eventually the call is coming from inside the house, and the film takes a weird left turn, where this fat detective who was the Governor in “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” is trying to track the killer 8 years later. WHAT THE FUCK. There is cool chick that sounds like a dude who the killer locks onto for a minute. She was like 50 and hot, and she yelled at the pervy killer “GET OFF OF ME!” at a bar. I was like “True”. The film takes another left turn when Carol Kane shows back up at the end and having to check her on kids this time. The Beginning and the end of this film are amazing, the middle of this film with the fat detective who was the Governor in “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” is not. Rent it or buy this shit and fast forward during the middle.



A. Call my ass, and I will not answer.

B. Call me and say “Why haven’t you checked the children?” and I will say back to you “Fuck them kids”.

C. Thank god for cell phones and caller ID, Oh shit I bet a serial killer was sitting somewhere just now and said “Fuck cell phones and caller ID”.

D. On this white girls behalf, she never checked the kids, and ran out the door, the kids were eaten or whatever. Go White Girl.. fuck those kids, they ain’t yours..

E. I really did say “check deez nutz” every time the pervy guy called in this film.

F. When a stranger calls, tell them to fuck off. I do all the time. BEING POLITE WILL GET YOU KILLED!!!


H. The score sounded like the THX logo sound effect.

I. Phones really are a fucked up thing.

J. For days I have been saying “The call has been coming from inside your pants”

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