“Inception” or “Leonardo Krueger in the Matrix”

I feel like this summer has been a snooze-fest at the theatre, there just really hasn’t been anything to come out that I wanted to rush out and see opening night. A few months ago when I first watched the trailer for “Inception” I got excited. So this is one of the films I have been waiting to see this summer. First lets talk about the director Chris Nolan who directed “Memento”, “Prestige”, “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”. All of these films are pretty amazing in their own right. Did I love all of them? No, but i respect their direction and intelligence. Nolan has a way of taking subject matter and making you interested in it, even if you could care less. Needless to say I really like him as a director, and story-teller. I really did enjoy “Inception”. I was shot well, and kept its pace. It is not as effects driven as you would think, but the effects are amazing. The story is about Leo and his posse going into someones dreams to change how they think, feel and or steal secrets. Think “Dreamscape” x “Freddy Kruger” x “Matrix” + a smart and complicated plot= “Inception”. This is the kind of film your ass better pay attention to or you be lost as hell. DO NOT GO TO THE RESTROOM OR YOU ARE FUCKED! The score is pretty amazing by Hans Zimmer, it flows and rolls and takes command of the screen. One of the best scores of 2010. I don’t want to talk about the plot anymore so as not give too much away or ruin the excitement in the film. Although I could probably try to explain the whole movie here and you would still be lost without seeing it. I do think Leonardo DiCaprio is a really good actor, and I know people still hate him for his over exposure from “Titanic”, but no matter what he is believable on film. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also in this film and I think he has become one of my favorite actors over the years. Cillian Murphy is somebody I always just sort of just stare at, not in a bad way, he is just so interesting to watch act. Yes I liked the cast of this film, Chris Nolan always has an interesting cast in his films. Ok so you should check this film out, its something new and something old. It is dialogue heavy and there is a lot of explaining about what the hell is going on, so you had better pay attention. I do wish they would have gotten more nutty in the dream world, I needed crazier shit. Oh yeah Juno is in it, and she is better in this than in “Juno”.

The Trailer:

The Facts:
A. Don’t let my ass loose in the dream world to create shit, or I will fuck that shit all to hell and back. It will be a nightmare world that would make yo momma cry. Demons, unicorns, robots, lasers, nude humans, cotton candy, machine guns, blood, dance off’s on the ceiling, heads exploding, Raven Symone, etc. The people in this film don’t know how to create a dream world worth a FUCK.

B. I have had a few dreams that seemed so real I woke and was sad for days over them. Reality Bites (yeah I said it and you know you saw that movie too).

C. I can’t lie; Leo can carry scenes and is believable in movies.

D. Hans Zimmer gets better over time, but word on the street is he is a cheater, and doesn’t write his scores fully.

E. Matt Gallo is right, Juno does look like Justin Bieber.

F. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the better actors in the past 10 years in my opinion.

G. Yay Juno is not a love interest in this film. I am over forced love interests in film. When you are fighting in a dream world you ain’t got time for loving.

H. I was praying Freddy Kruger would show up for more fun.

I. Chris Nolan should have directed the new “Nightmare on Elm St”.

J. I know we are not living in a dream right now because buildings aren’t folding up.

K. I really would like a job raping people’s minds. Wow that would be amazing.

L. Listen, I know death is sad, but christ get over it before you get everyone killed. Save your crying for the bathtub, it’s time to fight.

M. Yes Ellen Page turned into a nosey white bitch in one scene and was poking around where she didn’t belong. STOP BEING A NOSEY WHITE BITCH!!!!!!!

N. If you are ages 1-16 or 70 and up, your ass will be lost in this film. I barely was holding on to what was happening.

O. There are no nude people in this movie.

P. I curse a lot in the dream world.

Q. They should have played Selena’s song “Dreaming of You” at the end.

4 thoughts on ““Inception” or “Leonardo Krueger in the Matrix”

  1. WHAT?! Where you not paying attention?!
    Ellen Page’s character was the love interest of JGL’s character! He got her to kiss him even though he KNEW it wouldn’t make the projections go back to normal. It would be creepy if it wasn’t JGL. I cannot tell you how happy that kiss made me! I love them both so much!

  2. Okay…so I was totally uninterested in seeing this movie until reading your review. Maybe I will give it a go this weekend. Thx!

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