My Top 31 Spooky Ass Films I Watch During Halloween.


Don’t know what to watch this Halloween season here is a countdown of some fun movies to watch on a spooky night bitch. 31 movies for 31 nights.

1.      Halloween The best horror film of all time because John Carpenter is gold. I thanked him once for the joy he brought to my life.

2.      The Fog– A John Carpenter classic, everything about this film is brilliant to me even the score.

3.     Trick ‘r Treat This film is incredible and should be a staple film to watch on Halloween. You will learn a lot about the season in this film. Do yourself a favor buy this film today. Do not rent it, buy it!

4.      Halloween II– A sequel that made me scared shitless of hospitals and was just as fun to watch as the first.

5.     The House of the Devil– This throw back to the 80’s is gold and it is quiet, moody, scary and satanic. Watch it and you will be spooked. The Director Ti West knows what he is doing.

6.      The Return of the Living Dead -The best zombie movie ever made, and some of my favorite dialogue in film period. Amazing soundtrack too.

7.      Hellraiser– Humans are the bad guys in this amazing horror love story.

8.     Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood– My favorite of the Jason Voorhees/ Friday films. The teens ruled, and the telekinetic concept is amazing to me.

9.      A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master– My favorite of the Freddy/ Nightmare films. The teens are fucking incredible in this film.

10.   The Descent– This film made me jump twice. I don’t ever jump in movies. The plot is simple and brilliant and gave me a panic attack.

11.   Poltergeist– The first time I saw this film I shit my pants (not literally) the cast, the score, the sets, the effects, and Tangina are all amazing. I love this film.

12.    The Exorcist III– The best of the Exorcist films in my opinion, it continues where part 1 left off. Go rent this movie it’s quiet and amazing.

13.    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre– This is why there are chainsaws in every haunted house. This low budget film gives it to you; the main girl Sally literally looks insane by the end. I have yet to see a scream queen sell it this hard.

14.    Candyman– Story by Clive Barker, and Tony Todd crying in it. The score is brilliant, beautifully sad and scary.

15.   A Nightmare on Elm Street I love the teens in this film, Wes Craven’s best film. The score is 80’s gold.

16.    Night of the Living Dead-1990 version– Tom Savini directed this version and my opinion is the 2nd best zombie film of all time. It is sad and depressing and that’s what makes it feel real.

17.   The Shining– A creepy hotel, fugly twins, blood, Shelly Duvalle, Redrum enough said.

18.    Scream– The 90’s were a horror disaster until “Scream” came out. This movie was made for horror fans.

19.    Damien: Omen II– I love this movie because a lot of great horror films have a certain sadness to them. This film does, and there is a scene where Damien has to kill his cousin, it is amazing.

20.   Prince of Darkness– Another John Carpenter classic. This film is crazy but amazing. The score once again is one of my favorites. Also Victor Wong and Donald Pleasance are in it together.

21.    Planet Terror– Christ, Rose McGowan has a machine gun leg, and there are zombies, the crazy babysitter twins, and a kid blows his head off. This movie has some of the best characters in film history period.

22.   The Grudge– A lot of people hate on this jam, but I love Sarah Michelle Geller and her fighting Asian ghosts.

23. The Conjuring– A scary ass ghost story based on a true story with an amazing cast and score.

24.   Halloween III: Season of the Witch– People shit all over this film because Michael Myers isn’t in it, but John Carpenter and the writers were trying to give you something fresh and original, and you didn’t want it. Watch this film again and pretend is just called “Season of the Witch”. It is a crazy film but I love the actors and the score. You hate Hollywood when they give you remakes, and you hate them when they give you something new.

25.   The Blair Witch Project– I saw this movie the minute it came out, and it scared me, I don’t want to be lost in the woods with no bitch witch.

26. Creature from the Black Lagoon– I LOVE HIS GREEN ASS.

27. Insidious– I love movies about hauntings and especially when demons are involved, and there are some great scary moments in this movie. I love the ghosts in this movie too.

28 The Witch- Hello there are witches a foot and they are eating fucking babies and flying and nude!

29. It Follows– This movie is amazing, creepy and the score is to die for.

30. All the Paranormal Activity movies– Yes I think these movies are basic, but they are fun to watch with a crowd and back to to back. If this shit happened to me I would shit my pants.

31. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers– I love Danielle Harris and Donald Pleasence in this film together. This is a great reboot for the films and fun to watch at Halloween.

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