Top Vampire films I love to watch!

1. Anything that says the words “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” on it! The best TV show ever made in my opinion. It gave me everything I needed in a show. Action, comedy, smart asses, demons, ghosts, love, sadness, horror, EVERYTHING!

2. “Love at First Bite“. The one Vampire movie I probably understand the most. It is a disco fish out of water story.

3. “Near Dark“. This is the most realistic story about vampires to this day.

4. “Dracula“-1979 Version – My favorite version of the story Dracula.

5. John Carpenter’s “Vampires“. Hello it is John Carpenter, and Vampires.

6. “Salem’s Lot“. Blue vampires are creepy as fuck.

7. “Let the Right One In“/ also the remake “Let Me In“. These are probably the best vampire love stories ever made and the most honest.

8. “Fright Night“. A remake but I loved it. It had fun characters and had over the top action.

9. “The Lost Boys“. I wish this would happen to me.

10. “Blade“. Techno and vampires. I will go to that fuckin rave bitch.

11.  “Fright Night“. Your neighbor is a vamp! I love that shit,  and they go to a club. Enough said.

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