“Lost Boys 3: Thirst” or “Lost Boys go to a Rave”- my fuckin review

HAHA I have no idea why I even watched “Lost Boys: The Thirst” but I did so here is the review. The movie stars Corey Feldman and the other Frog brother from part 1. The story begins with Corey having shitty hair, I mean it made me sick watching it. Then basically there are new vampires who have raves, yes, I said raves. The main vampire’s name is DJ X, you know like the drug. So DJ X is on his way back from Ibiza (I am not joking here either) to throw a rave in America and wants to turn ravers into vampires. Are there still ravers? Then a shitty cast shows up to help him fight DJ X and some lame ass ravers. Ummm so yeah Corey grunts a lot in the film, and they keep showing flashbacks of Corey Haim from the first film. This movie tried but it’s a fucking mess, maybe it would have been better 10 years ago. Don’t waste your money or time, just go back and watch part 1 and call it a night, or throw up.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Vampires were doing Matrix moves in this haha.

B. Corey Feldman please cut your hair it looked like a fucking rats nest.

C. The Corey’s went to shit, and one is down.

D. Vampire DJ’s don’t play techno they play

Siouxsie & The Banshees

E. Seriously are there raves still going on?

F. Ibiza! hahahaha

G. If your cast sucks so does your movie.

H. There was this weird 12-year-old English kid in it, it was weird and forced.

I. Go watch the first “The Lost Boys“.

J. The vampires in this movie jump out of a plane and fly down and land on their feet. One had high heels on. Ok that was cool I guess.

One thought on ““Lost Boys 3: Thirst” or “Lost Boys go to a Rave”- my fuckin review

  1. I work at a video store and they make me watch most of the new releases ever week so I ca give critiques to the customers and I gotta say, that was exactly what I was thinking when I watched it.

    The scrip was probably written in the late 90s and they just forgot about it, only to find it back now and trying to make a few bucks out of it. I don’t get how people would still relate now with movie about black leather goth raving vampires, it’s not like its Blade or something…

    Anyways, thanks alot for all those movie critiques, it makes me discover movies I haven’t seen before and that sometimes, I’m not insane for liking some movies. Keep up the good work!

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