“The Walking Dead” or “Atlanta got fucked”

Ok I live in Atlanta, GA and they have been filming this jam around town for about a year. Although this not a film at the theatre I feel the need to review it because it was filmed down the street and it takes place in Atlanta. This TV series is based on a comic book of the same name, and is about this Police dude who wakes up after the shit has hit the fan. He was in a coma or some shit, then wakes up and everybody is gone, dead, or zombies. So he is trying to figure out what the fuck happened and find his boo boo kitty (wife) and brat (son). He meets cool people along the way. Ok so I liked this first episode a lot, they really harped on developing the characters which is a good idea, so that we care if they live or die. This may seem like common knowledge, but trust me, watch some other TV shows they do not do this. Anyway for whatever reason zombies are hot in the 2000’s, there are a crap load of zombie movies, zombie walks, and I just worked in a zombie themed haunted attraction. I guess America is afraid of a massive force coming after them and not an individual character/monster right now. Anyway it was shot well, violent, spooky and apocalyptic. So yeah I dug it. I miss horror on TV so I am glad it’s back and being done well. I think you should give it a watch it comes on Sunday nights at 10:00PM. Only one episode has aired.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. People in Atlanta bitched about Freaknik and Gay Pride being held here, I bet after zombies attack they would love to have both here instead of zombies.

B. Waking up, and not knowing what the fuck is going on is scary to me. Think “Day of the Triffids” and “28 Days Later”.

C. I just spent the whole month shooting at zombies for a haunted attraction, so let those bitches attack Atlanta now. I AM READY.

D. I would go look for my boo boo kitty and brat, but if they weren’t at home and the neighborhood was gone I would probably assume they were dead.

E. Frank Darabont turned this comic book into series and I like the way he directs. He did these other films http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001104/

F. Atlanta looks good destroyed, although Ponce De Leon looks better after the apocalypse.

G. There are 2 black characters in this episode and the did not die. YAY

H. A lot of shit is filmed here, but they never say it takes place in Atlanta, it is nice that something is shot here and actually takes place here.

One thought on ““The Walking Dead” or “Atlanta got fucked”

  1. I caught most of the episode. I am really into Zombies and glad to find a TV show about them. I was a little shocked by the gore though… didn’t expect some of the grossness, but was glad the director didn’t sugar coat things.

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