Top 15 Cartoons I love to watch.

1. Transformers- Best cartoon ever.

and Beast Machine Transformers- The show is fucking incredible.

2. Jem and the Holograms- The show is still brilliant to this day, music, holograms, and a bitchy punk band. OMG

3. GI Joe- Lasers and the best costumes ever, I dress like them daily. They also had incredible story lines.

4. Scooby Doo- I love Scooby doo so much. The animation and music is awesome.

5. Samurai Jack- the animation and stories make sense to me.

6. Sailor Moon- I love the music and chicks fighting in skirts. Also Lesbians in it, love it.

7.Justice League/Unlimited- This is how you do a superhero action show, Hollywood could learn a thing from this cartoon.

8. Challenge of the Superfriends- Christ this show was amazing. Bad guys joining forces makes me hot.

9. Fat Albert- I understand this cartoon more than any other. I love you Mush Mouth.

10. The Boondocks- honest and funny as hell.

11. Spiderman and his amazing friends- I love the whole idea of this show, and they are in college and fighting crime on a budget.

12. She-ra- I mean the theme song alone is amazing.

13. Adventure Time- This show makes sense to me so much, and I feel like it’s my life and it is so relevant.

14. Super Jail- Over the top characters with top hats… Count me in.

15. Batman Beyond- I love the idea of this show and the future it is set in.


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