My Top 20 Films I Made in 2010

While you were all out TGIF-ing every weekend I was filming and making god damn movie magic. Here are the top 20 things I filmed In 2010. Please vote on which is your favorite!!!!!! Whichever wins I will make a sequel to. Haha Anyway they are in order of when they were made.

Thank you to all who helped me film these, it takes a lot of hard work and time to make them. You are all stars in my eyes. Thank you.

1. Terminator- Fashion Edition

2. Voodoo Screw U!

3. Yeti Dance Attack

4. Apocalypse Wow

5. No Eggs for Easter Sunday

6. Hand Jobs on Elm Street

7. I Know What You Did Last Weekend

8. Scream Bitch

9. Scream- The Party Bitch

10. Comic Con 2010 Bitch

11. Dragon Con 2010 Bitch

12. Summers Over

13. Hey Psycho Tranny Justify My Love

14. Zombie Walk Atlanta 2010  5th year

15. I Remember Dying on Halloween (You will have to click link to watch this one)

I Remember Dying On Halloween – 

16. Little 5 Points Halloween Parade 2010

17. Trick R Treat Bitch

18. Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse -The Last Night

19. A Very Yeti Christmas

20. Ho Ho Ho’s- Romancing the Bone

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