Rose McGowan I love you in movies and shit!

I thought about Rose McGowan in film and realized I like watching her and the characters she has played, it is not a lot of shit but it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. I  know you dated Marilyn Manson and that was fucking nasty, but you are still cool.

1. Amy Blue in The Doom Generation.

2. Tatum in Scream. You are Scream.

3.  Courtney in Jawbreaker.

4. Paige Matthews in Charmed.

5. Sheryl Saddon in The Black Dahlia.

6. Pam in Death Proof.

7. Cherry Darling in Planet Terror. ONE OF THE BEST CHARACTERS EVER CREATED.


8. Boots Mcoy in Machete.

9. Marique in Conan the Barbariann- not out yet.


10. Red Sonja in Red Sonja- not out yet. I’m excited.

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