“Apocalypse Wow 2” Info Trailer

It’s for my Birthday so you have to come!!!!! Instead of another boring ass Birthday party lets make magic and have a huge post apocalyptic fight scene, with smoke and slow motion fighting and crazy costumes.

This is the same location as the Zombie Apocalypse Attraction back in October.

Here is the deal we are shooting another huge apocalyptic fight scene for my birthday. It will be shot in the parking lot of Safety Wolf (about 10 minutes from East Atlanta). This scene will be at the end of a short film we are making about the end of the world. It will be shot with a super nice HD camera. So be there at 2:30pm on Sunday Feb. 27th in your best Post Apocalyptic costume (NO robots, or NO aliens, or No zombies), only human type costumes (Think Mad max, Satanic, dirty, fucked up, bloody clothes). WHOEVER has the best 2 costumes will get to be in the short film that will be attached to this fight scene (the fight scene will be at the end of the short). SO make sure they are awesome. Also make sure all your weapons are fake (Guns, Knives, chains, etc) FAKE! not real for christ’s sake. It will only take about 30 minutes or less to shoot, so don’t worry about an all day affair nightmare. So come and have fun and fight each other for my birthday. You will not a camera, we will be taking nice pics of each of you as well.

Here is a link to last years short so you can see costumes and shit.

here are pics from last year to give you an idea of what to do.

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