“Rebecca Gayheart, is she the most organized killer ever?”

I watched the movie “Urban Legend” again the other night, and what I have realized is that Rebecca Gayheart as

Brenda Bates is the most well organized killer in film history.

The trailer:

The Facts:

A. She did all the murders by herself.

B. She set up the urban legends that each person dies in.

C. She is literally everywhere at once.

D. She is pretty.

E. She lights a shit load of candles just to tell someone her plans.

F. She had a slide show ready for the victim to watch.

G. She survives a bullet and falling out a window and falling off a bridge into a river.

H. She could run and fight in that big ass Eskimo coat.

I. She still looks good bloody.

J. She would also outwit Hannibal Lector any day of the week.

K. She pulls Joshua Jackson up by a rope around his neck into a tree.

L. She can move bodies around by herself.

M. This could very well be the best killer reveal in history. I have yet to see a killer reveal their plans so amazingly in my entire life. Watch Rebecca break it down in this video I made. IT IS INCREDIBLE.

N. She also applied to and got into the same college as her victims.

O. She also was in class the next morning after killing people and had a 4.0.

P. I love you Rebecca Gayheart.

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