My Top 16 Superhero Movies!

I am over a lot of superhero shit as of late, but here are some of my favorite ones. The market has become to cluttered with superhero films, they need to chill the fuck out.

1. Superman II – I love the bad guys in this movie so much.

Coolest character: URSA


2. Batman– I saw this movie 9 times in the theater.

Coolest character: THE JOKER


3. Superman– I love the magic of this film.

Coolest character: SUPERMAN with his Super Scream (watch clip below).


4. Spider-Man 2– the most well rounded superhero movie ever.

Coolest character: DOCTOR OCTOPUS


5. The Dark Knight – I can’t find anything wrong with this movie, the whole thing just makes sense to me.

Coolest character: THE JOKER


6. X2– I love how the bad guys aren’t really bad in this movie.

Coolest character: MYSTIQUE


7. Blade– Um techno and blood, count me in.

Coolest character: BLADE


8. The Incredibles– This has some of the best fuckin dialog I have ever heard in a film.

Coolest character: EDNA MODE


9. Batman Begins– I love how realistic and honest this movie feels.

Coolest character: SCARECROW


10. Batman Returns– When Tim Burton was still cool, and could make fun characters still.

Coolest character: CATWOMAN


10. Chronicle  A realistic look at being a superhero and a villain.

Coolest character: ANDREW


12. Spider-Man– Toby really does a great job in this film, and I love the comedy.

Coolest character: SPIDERMAN


13. X-Men– Ummm Magneto don’t play.

Coolest character: MAGNETO


14. Blade II– I love action and sword fights.

Coolest character: SCUD


15. X-Men: First Class– Superhero teams are amazing, especially in the 60’s.

Coolest character: YOUNG MAGNETO


16. Kick-Ass– Hit Girl needs her own movie. This movie is honest.

Coolest character: HIT GIRL


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