My Favorite Lovey Dovey Movies- It’s Valentines Day Bitch!

Ok so I sat down to look at what movies I own that have my favorite love stories in them. You know it’s Valentines Day so I want to talk about some films that I love that are about love. These are the only lovey dovey movies I like. I hope you enjoy bitch!

1. Overboard– This love story is about a poor man lying to a rich lady who has lost her memory. Then they fall in love, lying is what love is all about.

2. Raising Arizona– This love story is about a convict and a cop and how they find love and kidnap a baby.

3. Hellraiser– One of my favorite love stories involving a lady named Julia who brings her lover back from hell. She also cheats on her husband. A true love story.

4. Brokeback Mountain – This story is about 2  gay cowboys in love on a mountain and Jake Gyllenhaal is the bottom in the relationship.

5. Titanic This story is about falling in love in only one day then sinking in ice water. True love is cold.

6. Weird Science– This amazing love story is about 2 perverted teens who create a big boobed women to have sex with. It’s honest. Also chips, dips, chains, whips.

7. Superman –This love story is about this alien who wants to bang a news reporter that bitches a lot.

8. Starman This story is also about an alien who as sex with a human girl and gets her pregnant then becomes a dead beat dad and leaves her ass on earth pregnant.

9. Grease This love tale is about 30 years old in high school that realize if they change who they are then the other person will fall in love with them in the end. They also fly away in a car.

10. “Sailor Moon” This love tale involves a 14-year-old girl who dates this guy in college, and they both raise their daughter who has come back in time to hang out with them and fight demons.

11. Love at First Bite– A disco vampire meets a model and they dance, fall in love, and smoke pot.

12. King Kong– A human female falls in love with a mutant giant gorilla and lets him fondle her boobs with his giant finger. That is real love.

13. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial A young boy meets a pedafile alien and they fall in love, and the alien fingers him with his light up finger.

14. Bride of Chucky This story is about a serial killing doll, who falls in love with another serial killing doll and they have sex without rubbers because they are made of rubber.

15. Monster A female killer falls in love with a girl with a broken arm, and death brings them closer together.

16. Edward Scissorhands– This S & M goth kid with scissor fingers falls in love Winona Ryder and cuts her on accident.

17. Avatar– This love story is about blue people fucking in space.

18. The Terminator -A man comes back in time to have sex with mother of the future, while a machine tries to break them up.

19. Let Me In– A pedafile vampire girl falls in love with the local skinny boy and they make out covered in blood.

20. Christine– A boy falls in love with his demon possessed car and fucks the tail pipe.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Lovey Dovey Movies- It’s Valentines Day Bitch!

  1. Man, I was really hoping The Secretary would make your list- it’s is one of the greatest love stories of all time! That bitch was dedicated, for real.
    Te Secretary will always bring a tear to my fuckin eye 😉

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