My Favorite Apocalyptic Films

To get into the spirt of the Apocalypse here are some films you can watch to help you see how the end will come.

1. Terminator

2. Escape From New York

3. Doomsday

4. Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome

5. Planet of the Apes

6. Return of the Living Dead

7. In the Mouth of Madness

8. Night of the Comet

9. The Stand

10. Deep Impact

11. The Knowing

12. Night of the  living dead

13. 28 Days Later

14. The Day After

15. War of the Worlds

16. The Road

17. Children of Men

18. Zombieland

19. Dawn of the Dead

20. Terminator Salvation

21. Day of the Triffids

22. Kaboom

23. LA Horde

24. Thundarr the Barbarian

25. Apocalypse Wow

26. The Last Dance

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