“BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA”- One of the best films ever made!

OK so I have seen “Big Trouble in Little China” a million times because it is brilliant. Where the fuck do you think the video game “Mortal Kombat” came from? This movie is amazing and it never gets old to me I love the story, the acting, the characters, the score, and the sets. It is one of John Carpenter‘s best films and one of my favorites, even though it did not do well at the box office. That is because it was ahead of its fucking time! The martial arts work in this movie has inspired countless films. If you want to see a kick ass martial arts action comedy with Kurt RussellKim Cattrall (pre “Sex in the City”), Dennis DunJames HongVictor Wong, ghosts, and monsters. Anyway go watch this amazing film right now it will change your life. It changed mine bitch.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. I made this video of clips I love from the movie.

B. The ultimate place for your Big Trouble needs http://www.wingkong.net/

C. Victor Wong is literally one of my personal heroes.

D. Kurt and John on set.

E. Me and Cherry love this movie. Here is what we would have looked like back in time at the premiere party.

F. This scene is why Harry Potter’s magic scenes will always suck to me. They need wands. These motherfuckers are popping off with their hands and fingers.

G. Kurt with lipstick on is a national treasure.

H. The score and dialogue are fuckin incredible.

I. David Lo Pan= GOD. The bad guys in this film are some of the most honest bad guys I have ever seen on film. They are real and smart ass and funny.

J. If you have not seen this movie go buy it now on Blu Ray the colors are amazing and neon as fuck.

K. Here is my favorite Wing Kong Hatchet Man played by stuntman Al Leong. You may recognize him from other films.

L. Kim Cattrall‘s best role ever.

M. I love this poster.

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