My Halloween 2011 in review

Here is a run down of my Halloween this past October 2011. Thanks to all who made it fun and special. I was busy and I am still exhausted.

I was interviewed about Halloween twice.

I was on the news about Halloween.

My Halloween costume was on a bump on Adult Swim.

I worked at a Haunted Attraction called ATLANTA ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. See me play a redneck soldier there in this video.

I Made short films for Halloween.

“My Friend”

“A Witch Takes A Drive”

“(We Are) Satanic Panic”

“A Special Message from Satanic Panic”

I lead “Zombie Walk Atlanta”.

Was in “Little 5 Points Halloween Parade”

Stayed the night at Horror Hill.

Wished people Happy Halloween

Worked at Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse

My Zombie Walk Costume- ZOMBIE SCORPION

My Halloween Costume- AFRO DEMON

My Pumpkin 2011

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