Yo Momma’s A Bitch! (The Top 16 Meanest Moms On Film)

Here is a list of the shittiest and meanest moms that movies and Television have given us over the years. They did the best they could raising those fuckin kids, but what a bunch of bitches!

1.Mrs. Pamela Voorhees from “Friday the 13th

2. Joan Crawford from “Mommie Dearest

3. Margaret White from “Carrie

4. Mo’Nique from “Precious

5. Julia from “Hellraiser

6. Constance Langdon from ”“American Horror Story”

7. Marge Thompson from “A Nightmare on Elm Street

8. Victoria Tennant aka Mother from “Flowers in the Attic

9. Victoria Grayson from “Revenge”

10.Ramona Lutz from “Freeway

11. Wicked Stepmother from “Cinderella

12. Elaine Parker from “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

13. Erica Sayers from “Black Swan

14. Jackie Taylor (Kelly’s Mom) from “Beverly Hills, 90210”

15. Mama Fratelli from the “The Goonies

16. Norma Louise Bates from “Bates Motel“.


Here is a video I made about Margaret White. Enjoy

Also “Serial Mom” was not on this list, because she was not a bitch at all. She was a good mom.

One thought on “Yo Momma’s A Bitch! (The Top 16 Meanest Moms On Film)

  1. Mary Johnston or Mary Jones is Mo’Nique’s character’s name. She’s also referred to as “Johnson” once or twice in the movie, though she’s predominantly called Mary Johnston.

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