Did Pee-Wee Herman Make the World a Better Place? YES!

OK I was watching “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” the other day and I thought to myself Pee-wee Herman really makes the world a better a place. He has taught us to be tolerant and to be ourselves no matter what. At times the world may have looked at him like he was crazy or weird but he didn’t give a fuck! He danced and he sang. He laughed and he cried. He even dressed up as a lady at one point and it was never an issue for him and he loved it. I was like wow it’s not a big deal. Wait it shouldn’t be a big deal. For that point I never saw it as a any deal at all. He was never really gay or straight to me, black or white, male or female, old or young. He is just being himself. Just being happy. YOU GO PEE-WEE. He taught us that it was okay to like the shit you like, and to be cool with the world around you. Pee-Wee isn’t just a character he is a fuckin life lesson. He has taught us all something important about each other and the world. To do what makes you happy and fuck anyone who shits on your life party. To accept people who look, sound, and think different than what you are used to. Pee-Wee has always made sense to me since the moment I saw him, and since then I have thought “If he can be himself, then so can I bitch”. I wore that bloody shirt, I bought that toy and I made that crazy film. He found his truth so we could find ours. Anyway this shout out goes to Pee-Wee Herman you really teach the world something, whether they know it or not. Thanks Pee-Wee you are the shit! You being you, helped us all be us. You are a global treasure!

The Facts:

A. Pee-Wee is a friend to us all.

B. He doesn’t scare easy.

C. Here is Pee-Wee even being friends with a fuckin biker gang!

D. I wish my morning was like this every day!

E. If there was no Pee-Wee the world would have probably torn itself apart in the 90’s.

F. If you don’t dig Pee-Wee Herman go fuck yourself in a cubby hole bitch!

G. He laughs the way he wants to.

H. He is best friends with Elvira.

I. He was in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” movie.

J. Even when he jerked off in the theater. I was like so what I wish I was there with him. I was honestly pissed people through him so much shade. What the fuck.

K. This poster is incredible.

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