My Top Zombie Films I love to watch!

Here is a list of zombie films I love to watch.

1. The Return of the Living Dead – The best zombie ever in my opinion. The dialogue is incredible. The characters are mind boggling. The music is amazing. And a naked zombie!  I get dizzy watching it.

2. Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse– I co-wrote this film and it’s funny as fuck!!!! A zombie apocalypse takes place while people are in a haunted attraction. Watch the film here.

3. Night of the Living Dead– 1990 version. – This movie is depressing and real to me. It seems real to me and sad.

4. Planet Terror– It’s action packed and over-the-top. It’s all about the characters in these movies. If your cast sucks then so does your movie. These characters are amazing.

5. Night of the Comet– Ummmm Valley girls fighting zombies. YES!

6. Pet Sematary– One word “CHURCH”. That cat should have gotten and Oscar too.

7. Dawn of the Dead– 2004.- When I saw this I felt dread and the end of the world would not be cool. It looked horrifying.

8. Night of the Living Dead– 1968 – It’s an old cut but it has great moments. The world part is the catatonic blonde girl. She is the worst.

9. Otto; or, Up with Dead People– Gay zombies enough said. Watch it.

10. Zombieland– This was a lot of fun to watch and filmed in Georgia.

11. Warm Bodies– A zombie love story that was cute and fun.

12. 28 Days Later…– This one is great but zombies didn’t run first in this movie. They ran in Return of the Living Dead.

13. The Horde– This movie is nuts and over-the-top. It involves cops, gangsters and zombies.

14. Dance of the Dead– This movie feels like the director loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Return of the Living Dead. So it’s fun. Zombies show up to the prom.

15. ParaNorman– This movie is amazing and fun to watch. Zombies for the whole family bitch!

3 thoughts on “My Top Zombie Films I love to watch!

  1. Thanks for sharing, haven’t seen some of these- Dance of the Dead, Horde, or Up With People, so I’ll be checking those out. I see that you did not list Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive, you got to love any movie featuring a kick boxing priest.
    Have you seen Cemetery Man? It’s bizarre little zombie gem, and I give it my highest zombie recommendation.

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