Top 20 favorite Halloween songs!

Here is a list of my top 20 favorite songs to jam to during Halloween. If you need any of them email me. I got them all! 

1. Halloween Montage- John Carpenter (Halloween III: Season of the Witch)

2. “The Munsters” – Theme song

3. Monster Mash- Bobby “Boris” Pickett

4. Monster Rap- Elvira

5. Grim Grinning Ghosts- Disney ride Haunted Mansion

6. Monster Plantation- Six Flags

7. The Addams Family- Theme song

8. Halloween Spooks- Lambert, Hendricks & Roth

9. Are you ready for Freddy- The Fat Boys

10. Monster Swim- Bobby “Boris” Pickett

11. Pet Sematary- Ramones

12. Jack the Ripper- The Revillos

13. Haunted House- Elvira

14. Ghostbusters 2- Run DMC

15. Weird Science- Oingo Boingo


17. Halloween (She go so Mean) – Rob Zombie

18. Magic And Ecstasy-  Ennio Morricone (Exorcist 2 soundtrack)

19. The Purple People Eater-Sheb Wooley

20. Thriller- Michael Jackson

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