The Top Spookiest Songs to Play on Halloween!

What’s Halloween without scary ass music to listen to. Here is a list of my top 15 favorite spooky songs to play during Halloween.

You can buy all these jams on itunes now!

Listen to all below!

1. The Fog– John Carpenter

2. Poltergeist– Jerry Goldsmith

3. Hellraiser– Christopher Young

4. Halloween– John Carpenter

5. Candyman- Philip Glass

6. Nightmare on Elm. St.- Charles Bernstein

7. Damien: The Omen 2- Jerry Goldsmith

8. Psycho- Bernard Herrmann

9. Amityville Horror- Lalo Schifrin

10. The Grudge- Christopher Young

11. Insidious– Joseph Bishara

12. Halloween III: Season of the Witch – John Carpenter

13. Friday the 13th– Harry Manfredini

14. The House of the Devil– Jeff Grace

15. Pet Sematary– Elliot Goldenthal

16. The Conjuring- Joseph Bishara

17. It Follows- Rich Vreeland

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