My Top 15 Favorite Zombie Characters!

Here is a list of my favorite zombie characters on film! Which ones are yours?

1.  Trash from “The Return of the Living Dead“- She is one bad ass bitch. I love her too much.

2. Tarman from “The Return of the Living Dead“- This creepy dude looks broken as he walks. Amazing

3. Gage Creed from “Pet Sematary“- He is amazing and needs his ass whipped.

4. Skinny ass zombie from “Night of the Living Dead“. This dude may really be a zombie.

5. Church from “Pet Sematary“- This cat will scratch your fuckin eyes out.

6. Michael Jackson from “Thriller“- He will moonwalk on your ass and then eat yo brains.

7. Bloated Woman Zombie from “Dawn of the Dead“- She hungry.

8. Otto from “Otto; or, Up with Dead People“- He is the coolest zombie ever.

9. Bub from “Dawn of the Dead“- He loves them jams.

10. Clown Zombie from “Zombieland” – He is a sad clown.

11. Nicholas Hoult from “Warm Bodies“- The best looking zombie.


12. Julie Walker from “Return of the Living Dead III“- People need to dress this way for real.

13. The Judge from “ParaNorman“- Creepiest animated zombie.

14. Torture Victim 2 Zombie from “Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse“- Marlinda Phillips


15. Prison Break Zombie from “Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse“- Eddie Ray

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