The Top 20 films I’m Thankful for this Thanksgiving You Bitch!

  1. Halloween – Without this movie by John Carpenter I would be dead by now. Everything about this film is incredible. EVERYTHING!
  2. Aliens- This movie has ever category of film in it. Action, Horror, Drama, Comedy, Sci-fi, Love, etc. The score is brilliant also.
  3. The Transformers: The Movie (Animated 1986)- I literally know every line of dialogue from this movie and quote it often.
  4. Watership Down- This movie makes more sense to me than most movies ever made. I cry every time I watch it. Watch this movie and learn about life.
  5. The Fog- An amazing ghost story with an amazing score by John Carpenter.
  6. Return of the Living Dead- The best zombie movie ever made. Hello punk rock teens cursing!
  7. Battle Royale- This movie is truly incredible, violent, and honest.
  8. Big Trouble in Little China- This movie helped create the video game Mortal Kombat, and I wish I were in it every FUCKIN day!
  9. The Color Purple- Steven Spielberg’s best work. This movie makes me want to kill myself in the first 1o minutes because it is so sad to me.
  10. The Terminator- Dark, depressing and hot. If someone comes back from the future to bang me and love me I would be happy, that is romantic as hell. Also robots!
  11. The Thing- APOCALYPTIC and depressing with ugly ass aliens. John Carpenter is a FUCKIN genius.
  12. E.T.- I would have left with E.T. at the end with a bag of Reese’s Pieces and a dream. Screw my family.
  13. The Descent- This movie gave me a panic attack. This never happens to me in a film. Also the main cast is all women and I love this.
  14. Poltergeist- UMMMMMM Everything about this movie is right. Everything in this movie is quotable. The score is one of Jerry Goldsmiths best.
  15. Funny Games (2007) – If you have not seen this movie it’s amazing. It is violent and cold-hearted but honest and real. Bad guys are supposed to be bad, not good. This is remake of an Austrian film with the same name that was made in 1997. Which is just as good.
  16. Trick r’ Treat- The best film about the season of Halloween ever made. Also my beliefs are in this film.
  17. Hairspray (1988) -This is the John Waters film and he is amazing. I love this film for it’s over the top characters and big hair.
  18. Escape from New York- Once again John Carpenter is living gold. His films make sense to me always and I can listen to his film scores all day long.
  19. Faster, Pussy Cat! Kill! Kill! – Ummmm Go-Go Dancing girls in fast cars killing and stealing from men. This is beautiful.
  20. Kill Bill- I am into revenge, swords and cartwheels.

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