The Best Films of 2012!

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Here are my top 10 films of 2012. Underneath are links to the reviews I wrote for them. These really are the films I most enjoyed in 2012.

1. “Cloud Atlas” – A beautiful film that I really loved. 

“Cloud Atlas” or “Human Connect the Dots”- my fuckin review



2. “ParaNorman“- An amazing movie that gave you all the emotion. 

“Paranorman” or “Ghosts, Zombies, Witches, Comedy and Honest Emotions”- my fuckin review


3. “The Cabin in the Woods“- So fun and scary and smart. I loved this movie. 

“The Cabin in the Woods” or “The Feel Good Horror Movie of the Year”- my fuckin review


4. “The Dark Knight Rises“- These Batman movies are incredible and you are just mesmorized watching it.

“The Dark Knight Rises” or “My Penis Rises”- my fuckin review


5. “Moonrise Kingdom“- Funny and amazing dialogue. 

“Moonrise Kingdom” or “Kids in Love on an Island”- my fuckin review


6. “Chronicle“- Wow I loved this movie. It’s sad and real. 

“Chronicle” or “Please Let This Shit To Happen To Me”- my fuckin review


7. “Django Unchained“- What crazy ass movie with incredible dialogue

“Django Unchained” or “Run, White Bitch, Run!” – my fuckin review


8. “We Need to Talk About Kevin“- Such a creepy movie. 

“We Need To Talk About Kevin” or “We Need Stab Kevin”- my fuckin review


9. “Looper“- A mind fuck.

“Looper” or “Two Bruce Willis Dicks for the Price of One” -my fuckin review


10. “21 Jump Street“- The funniest movie of the year. 

“21 Jumpstreet” or “Funny Ass Jumpstreet”- my fuckin review


Honorable Mentions:

Spork – This movie was made last year but most people didn’t get to see it until 2012. It just wasn’t available. It’s amazing though and would have been high on my list!

“Spork” or “Finally A Movie I Understand”- my fuckin review


Frankenweenie”  – I love this fun ass movie. Tim Burton is a mess but this one was fun. 

“Frankenweenie” or “Frankenpecker”- my fuckin review


Skyfall“- James Bond is always a must see for me. 

“Skyfall” or “James Bond is Bisexual and Judi Dench is a Bitch”- my fuckin review

Judi Dench

The Raid: Redemption“- This movie will blow you goddamn mind.


film-reel copy 

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