My Top 35 favorite Sci-Fi movies…. BITCH!


This is a list of the top 35 Sci-Fi films that I love to watch. What I realized by making this list, is how important all the scores were to each of these films. The scores are so important to Science Fiction films!

1. Aliens- One of the best films ever made. The scope, the score, the acting, the directing. It is perfect.

2. V- The mini Seres -This show influenced me on so many levels. I long to have a V uniform to this day.

3. Transformers (1986 animated) – When I think about this movie I get dizzy, and it is one of my favorite films ever made, I almost want to cry when I see it, it is like seeing Jesus.

4. The Terminator- There is nothing wrong about this movie. Kyle Reese Bitch!

5.Terminator 2- I almost cried through this entire film it was so beautiful.

6. The Thing- Horror and Sci fi can work well together. It is also John Carpenter.

7. The Matrix- The only film that I have ever seen that the audience was clapping and cheering the entire time. I do love the ideas behind this film.

8. The Abyss- If you have never seen the 3 hour version of this film it is incredible, also watch the documentary for this film and you will cry for them.

9. The Live- I love this whole concept and John Carpenter. I would put on the glasses.

10. Star trek 2- My favorite of the Trek films and the score is one of the best every written.

11. Planet of the Apes- Hello this shit is scary and still relevent to this day and the score is incredible.

12. The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) – The score and story are  so brilliant, I love the idea of and alien landing and then humans just shoot them.

13. The Empire Strikes Back- Hello Bobba Fett, and a big ass yeti.

14. Predator- An amazing score and the dialogue should have gotten an Oscar. The costume is brilliant.

15. Dune- I love this movie, but I still have no idea what is going on in it.

16. Robocop- Ummm A robot and violence. DONE

17. E.T.- I loved this movie so much, and wanted to leave with E.T.

18. Super 8- It feels like E.T. and I love all the kids in it.

19. Avatar- OK it made a lot of money so now we are supposed to hate it. Fuck that ! I love this movie. This movie is magic to me.

20.Serenity- Joss Whedon I love you. Your dialogue makes sense to me always.

21. Tron: Legacy- Yes the story is shaky as fuck, but this is the coolest looking and sounding movie. I want to live there in Tronland.

22. Total Recall- Ummm 3 boobs, and a little person with a machine gun. It’s also violent as hell and Sharon Stone.

23. 2010- Better than 2001 and I think it is border line horror so I love it.

24. Flash Gordon- One of the most visually stunning films I have ever seen. The costumes are fucking incredible.

25. Cocoon- Fuck, this movie makes me so sad, and the score is one of my favorites. This movie makes you feel good about getting old.

26. Cloud Atlas- This movie is amazing and leaves you beaten out in the street.

27.  Mars Attacks- This movie is nuts but a blast and when Tim Burton was fun and original.

28. Day of the Triffids- This movie scares the shit out of me and I love the idea of everyone waking up blind from a comet then getting eaten by alien plants.

29. Looper- The time travel story in this movie is brilliant and will make you think and pay attention.

30. The Black Hole- I love Disney’s darker days of film. The robots are the best in this movie. The score is by John Barry and its incredible.

31. Close Encounters- U.F.O.’s are scary as fuck and they look neat as fuck in this movie too.

32. Invasion of the Body Snatchers- I need a clone.

33. Attack the Block – I love this movie, it is honest, funny and fun.

34. Return of the Jedi- Bobba Fett again, and I like the Ewoks fuck you.

35. My 2 Sci-Fi films.

“Kiss My Ass U Green Alien Bitch”


“H.J. Green-Go vs Tranny Hookers”


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