Halloween 2013- Here is a look at what I did!

I love Halloween and believe in it. Here is a look at all the cool/fun shit I did in October for Halloween.

1. Acted / Managed/ Directed in Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse (The haunted attraction). This was my favorite group I took through the whole season.


2. Got to take Linnea Quigley (Trash from The Return of the Living Dead) through Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse. Yes, we ran from zombies together. It was an amazing experience and dream come true.


3. Got to take my good friend Skinner and his friends Mastadon through Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse.


3.  Saw Goblin in concert at the Loft. Here is a video of it.


A post shared by Eddie Ray (@eddierayisdeadbitch) on

4. Released a new Satanic Panic Music video for my upcoming movie “Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands“.

5. Helped film and co-wrote the Atlanta Zombie apocalypse movie.


Trailer for it:

Also played a zombie in it. Here is a look at me as a zombie.

6. I couldn’t go to Zombie Walk  this year. I was very sad about this 😦

7. Was in the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade. I wore my zombie costume because I could’t attend Zombie Walk. It’s witch hunter Cotton Mathers zombie.


8. Was in an article for A is for Atlanta


9. Went to Chamber of Horror haunted attraction. It was amazing.


10. Went  to Creepers Haunted house haunted attraction.


11. Went to a Pumpkin Patch/Hayride.


11. Carved pumpkins with friends.


12. Went to Camp Blood haunted attraction.


13. Went to Mary’s dressed in my Halloween costume as a Swamp Witch.


14. Won an Award at Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse. I was honored and honestly didn’t think about even getting and award for anything. Thanks to all who made it possible. I give this one back to Samhain.


15. Was in a bump on Adult Swim.



16. Burned a van at the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse Halloween wrap party.

1399495_10151984858239819_1979223656_o17.  Here is a look behind the scenes at Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse.

18. The after party at Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse.

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