My Top Films I Made in 2013!


Here are the top things I filmed in 2013. I hope you enjoyed our films and documentary shit this past year. We had fun making them all. Which is your favorite?


1. “Satanic Panic: Band Out Of Hell” went online. I am so proud of this film and everyone who worked on it. We are finished with part 2 and it should be done early 2014.

2. “I’m So Fucking Sure” was shot for my birthday. It was a lot of fun and had great music and costumes.

3. “Satanic Panic- Satan’s Done Waitin” music video. This is also the trailer for Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands

4. “New York Bitch”. This was my first trip to NY.

5. “Sex On Easter 5 – Two Guys One Stump”. We do these sex talks for Easter, to talk about crazy sex shit.

6. “Boom Bitch 4”. Max had a 4 of July party. Here is all the fun.

7. “Monster Bash 2013”. Here is all the fun at Monster Bash!

8. “We At The Fair Bitch” was shot at the fair. I love shooting carnival fun.

9. “Halloweenie 2013”. This was what we did for Halloween.

10. “Little 5 Points Halloween Parade 2013”. Here is all the fun at the L5P Halloween parade.

11. AZA Behind the Scenes Part 1. Here is a look at the Haunted House I work for Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse.

12. AZA The Party Part 2. Here is a look at the biggest Halloween Party and Awards Party at Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse.

13. “Winter Wonderland Bitch”. See us at the Global Winter Wonderland having Christmas fun.

14. “Max’s Spring Break”. Max Fisher’s Birthday party.

15. “A Very Robocop Christmas”. Robocop killing me and friends at a Xmas Party.

16. “Honey Boo Boo Christmas”. We went to visit Honey Boo Boo and family on Xmas Eve.

17. “Satanic Panic- Wishes You Merry Christmas”. A Christmas message advertising Satanic Panic 2.

SEE YOU IN 2014!


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