The Best Films Of 2013 You Bitch!


Okay 2013 was a little boring in film, but here is the top 10 movies I enjoyed the most. Which means I will own them and watch them again and again. I loved them for different reasons so I attached my reviews underneath each one. If you haven’t seen any of these go rent them or whatever. Remember this is not your top 10, it’s mine. ūüôā

1. The ConjuringРI loved this movie. It gave me everything I needed.

2. Spring Breakers This shit is amazing and James Franco should get awards for this movie.

3. This Is the EndРI have seen this movie 3 times now and I laugh every time I see it.

4. ManiacРThis movie was released in 2012, but nobody got to see it until 2013. I love the score and the way it was shot.

5.The Kings of Summer This movie was funny, real and honest.

6.¬†Insidious: Chapter 2¬†– This was just as good as part one and I thought it went in a lot of fun directions that I didn’t expect.

7. 12 Years a Slave РThis is an amazing must see for everyone.

8.Machete KillsРThis shit is just nuts and over-the-top. It makes sense to me.

9. Only God ForgivesРlight and color and violence wow.


10.¬†The Lords of Salem This movie was half hated by the world, but it’s fucked up and about witches so I loved it.

BONUS: Movies that were just fun to watch but were not good enough to make my top 10.


–¬†Blue Is the Warmest Color

–¬†Warm Bodies

–¬†The ABCs of Death

 Dark Skies

–¬†Star Trek Into Darkness

–¬†White House Down

-Moral Sleaze– A friend of mine directed this movie and stars close friends of mine. I realize I love watching my friends in movies as much as hanging out with them cuz they iz funny.


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