Halloween 2014 in Review!

Here is my 2014 Halloween in review. This lists all the stuff I did this year for Halloween. I hope Samhain is pleased with my hard work bitch!

1. I worked my 5th year at Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse. This year is it’s final year. I got to work it with Marlinda Phillips. We played drunk party people looking for a dance party. Then zombies came out and killed us.


2. Article on me and Ouija Boards on Scout Mob.


3. I was in the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade with the Adult Swim float. I was a Demonic Carnival Banana. I also sang on the float.


Video of Parade

4. Went to Jez and Doug’s Halloween Party as Zen Tuo from Scooby Doo. IMG_2861

4. Was a dead raver in Zombie Walk Atlanta 2014. Makeup by Shane Morton.



Here is the video

5. Made a short film about a horse named Sparkle Hooves and his house being haunted.

6. Carved pumpkins with friends at Will and Max L’s new house.

1622588_10152806088344819_2708544998579967538_o 10668911_10152806082544819_6563308741746215910_o

7. Participated in an Adult Swim live Q&A. Here is the link. Me talking about Halloween reached 196,416. BITCH!



Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.57.20 PM

8. Got Interviewed on GA Voice about Halloween. Here is the link to read.


9. Bump on Adult Swim


10. Helped promote and dance my ass off at the Monster Bash Halloween Party. There I dressed as a mutant version of my Zen Tuo costume that Shane Morton made me.


11.Halloween Costume 2014. Zen Tuo was my main costume this year.




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