The Best Films of 2014- Shut Up!

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Okay 2014 was an okay year in film, but here is the top 10 movies I enjoyed the most. Which means I will own them and watch them again and again. I loved them for different reasons so I attached my reviews underneath each one. You can click it to read them. If you haven’t seen any of these go rent them or whatever. Remember this is not your top 10, it’s mine. 🙂

My film is clearly the best film of the year, but I can’t vote for myself.

Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands is fun, musical, and fuckin hilarious.

Here is the trailer:

Watch this amazing film 

Okay onto the list.

1. “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes– The monkeys did it. This movie had more real emotion than any other movie I have seen this year.

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” or “I LOVE THESE MONKEYS BITCH” my fuckin review

2.  “Under the Skin– It’s a quiet film that will stay with you for days, the score never leaves you.

“Under The Skin” or “Under The Foreskin” my fuckin review

3 . The Babadook– The best horror movie of the year. The characters were real and sad.

“Babadook” or “You Got A Top Hat Wearing Demon In Yo Crib Bitch”- my fuckin review

4. The Lego Movie– This film had better dialogue than most live action movie this year.

“The Lego Movie” or “Talking Bricks Have Better Dailogue Than Most Live Action Movies” My fuckin review

5. Guardians of the Galaxy– The most fun movie of the year. I can’t wait for a part 2.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” or “Firefly/ Star Wars/ A Fun Ride”- my fuckin review

6.The Interview– This movie made me laugh the most. I didn’t expect much but turns out I was wrong.

“The Interview” or “James Franco Has Stink Dick”- my fuckin review

7. Big Hero 6– Once again the dialogue in this movie is great and people die. This movie is fun!

“Big Hero 6″ or “I Want A Baymax To Love”- my fuckin review

8.   “Godzilla– It’s Godzilla. I saw this in NY in a giant ass theatre and I was amazed. Yeah, the story lagged but I love that big ass bitch.

“Godzilla” or “I ♥ Godzilla Bitch” my fuckin review

9.Annie– I can’t believe I like this movie, but I do. The songs are great and characters are great.

“Annie” or “This New Annie Is Better Than That Red Headed Bitch”- my fuckin review

10.Selma– The cast is amazing, and you will be moved by this entire film. David Oyelowo should get all the Oscars.

“Selma” or “Go See This Movie And Learn Something Honkey” -my fuckin review

BONUS: Movies that were just fun to watch but were not good enough to make my top 10.

1. “Boyhood– This movie is interesting and I am amazed they filmed it for so long. I love Patricia Arquette in it.

“Boyhood” or “Boy Gets Bitched At By Everyone He Knows For 12 Years”- my fuckin review

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier“- I was surprised by this film, it really made sense and was well made.

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” or “Captain America: Buffalo Soldier” my fuckin review

3. “Nymphomaniac: Vol. I and Nymphomaniac: Vol. II– His films are fucked up but fucked up is real.

“Nymphomaniac: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2″ or “Shia’s Dick” my fuckin review

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel“- Wes Anderson films are always fun with over-the-top characters that you will love.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” or “Bisexual Concierge Runs A Pink Hotel” my fuckin review

5. Gone Girl– David Fincher did a great job as always. Rosamund Pike was amazing in it.

“Gone Girl” or “Go On Gurllll- The Ben Affleck’s Dick Story”- my fuckin review

6. The Boxtrolls– This movie is a lot of fun and the characters are real as hell. There is even a dude in drag.

7. 22 Jump Street– Honestly the first and the second films make me laugh. I love them.

“22 Jumpstreet” or “Channing And Jonah Are Best Friends With Guns” my fuckin review

8. “The Raid 2“- A non-stop action movie that looks real. Also a girl with hammers enough said.

9.  Sin City: A Dame to Kill For– If this would have come out a couple of years after the first one did, then it would have gotten more attention. I love Robert Rodriguez films and their over-the-top violence and characters.

“Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” or “Sin Titty: A Mean Girl With Nice Boobs”- my fuckin review

10. The Guest– This movie is definitely an 80’s throw back. The cast and the music are great. Also it takes place during Halloween. I just wish the ending would’ve been more fun or have a punch to it.

“The Guest” or “Terminator Mary Poppins” my fuckin review

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