A note from some of the Cast and Crew of Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands

Our film Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands is about to screen at the Atlanta Film Festival on March 27th at 6:30pm. I asked some of the cast and crew to write a little something about the film or each other. Here is what they wrote.

From MATT GALLO B. aka Elza Bob:

Playing B. Elza Bob often skullfucked my soul—wearing layers of satan garb in the middle of summer. Wardrobe malfunctions. Long days of battle scenes. Yelling, kicking, screaming. Ugh! It takes a lot out of you! But I knew, despite it all, that I lucked out. All around me, amazing and gifted people worked as hard as I did (and probably harder). Some were singers and musicians. There were Dancers. Designers. Directors. Funny people. Sexy people. And two amazing storytellers, Max and Eddie. Everyone it could possibly take to film a movie about Satanic pop artists was there. We laughed, we hugged, we cried and bitched (all in equal amounts). I even got slapped a few times! But hey—when you’re welcomed into the world of Eddie Ray and get to know and love everyone who worked on this film, this magical chaos becomes part of your life and you learn to love every second of it.

From KEVIN VICKERY aka Little Horn:

I’m very proud to consider myself a part of this team of multi-talented filmmakers and lifelong friends. Without the hard work, writing talents and inspired vision of Eddie Ray and Max Fisher, there wouldn’t be a movie to watch at the Atlanta Film Festival or any warm memories made in the process. And we couldn’t have made a movie about the number-one-band-on-the-planet without the out-of-this-world musical talents of Dan Foley and Cherry Delrosario or the various other bands in The Battle of the Bands. Of course this dream world would never have become reality without the awesome crew who volunteered their energy and expertise to make it happen. Victoria Cook and Matt Gallo breathed life into the film with their remarkable animation and graphic design. And last but not least, I count myself incredibly lucky to have worked with such an all-star cast. These actors and actresses light up the screen with their larger-than-life characters and one-in-a-million acting talents. It’s hard to pull off an action-comedy-drama-horror-romance and all of these guys made it looks easy!

From LAURA KRUEGER aka Susan:

When I was approached by Eddie Ray to be a part of his artistic visions, I jumped at the chance. Eddie has a way of curating the most interesting, down to earth, creative, and unique people to be a part of his life and his work (often times the two blend together seamlessly with him), so I considered it a very high honor to be asked to participate. I had a blast! Seriously, the best thing you could do for yourself as an artist is to be with people who do this shit because they love it. Because if they don’t, they”ll explode, or go off on some kind of rampage. Ebola Entertainment has been built on the dreams of one, but he willingly shares all of the glory with his creative team, which is more often than not also his dearest friends. For a movie about Satanism, I really have nothing but warm fuzzies to feel from the whole experience. The movie is so much fun! The acting is superb, the special effects are dope, the whole experience was so fun and easy, the music is amazing, everyone did it to 10. I am so proud to be a part of this work of art!!!

From JAMES YATES aka Dick Dano:

Being Dick Dano is a weird experience because a lot of his interactions are on the phone. I get my pages from Eddie but I don’t get to read the whole thing. So when I get to see the finished film…the HILARIOUS performances from Satanic Panic and the way Max cuts it all together I get to experience it with the audience and just be blown away. HOLY SHIT THEY ARE SO FUNNY! And the songs are beyond. I got to be at the video shoot for “Skinny White Bitch” and I peed. ! It’s also hard to be Dick because I have to hate Cherry, Matt, Kevin, and Marlinda but they’re just too goddamn charming.

From CHERRY DELROSARIO aka Penny Graham:

I remember the first day we started filming the first Satanic Panic. I remember thinking “Hmm, I don’t know most of these people (Marlinda, Kevin, Matt and Max) that well. This’ll be a good opportunity to get to know them.” And by the end of filming Satanic Panic 2 we’d shared so many hilarious and tiring moments–I feel these people are like family to me! Real friendships came from this project and it doesn’t always happen that way. And none of it would have happened without Eddie. So many people came out to contribute to this film, mostly because they believe in Eddie. Ultimately, this Satanic film was built on friendship! HA! On top of the mushy love and kisses, ALL of these people are brilliant and talented and I couldn’t ask for more. Hail Satan.

From MARLINDA PHILLIPS aka Annie Cryce:

I’m often asked “What is Satanic Panic? Is it a movie, a band, or chaos?”  It’s all of the above but even more than that for me. I’m honored to play Annie Cryce in the movie, not just for the role, but the people I met while filming. I met my fellow cast members through Eddie Ray, our director and savior. He brought this project to us and we, as believers, brought it to life. Max Fisher our editor, spent an endless amount of time, energy, and thanks to him, he made us all look good. Without Max and Eddie’s dedication, this movie would’ve never happened. And if it wasn’t for this film I would’ve never met my Satanic Panic family, who I am formed bonds with through sweat stains, broken acrylic nails, and endless jokes about klit-klack bars. Cherry DelRosario, Kevin Vickery, and Matt Gallo have become more to me than just cast members; we became our own weird family and when we are together NOBODY messes with SATANIC PANIC!!!!

From ROB BULLARD aka Terry:

So first I just need to say I fucking love Eddie and his crazy mind because it’s always refreshing when you meet people that you have an instant artistic connection with. Also I want to say Max is amazing because he is also an artistic brother. Each member of the cast nailed Eddie and Max ‘s characters and brought the lines to life with complete perfection!! I’m also honored to be in the company of some of the most wonderful people Atlanta has to offer. Now let’s do another one!!!

From MOLLY KRISTYN aka Connie:

Eddie and Max are two of my favorite film makers on the planet. Their writing style is like nothing else out there – raw, real and there’s always something unexpected. They know how to get the best out of everyone they work with and that’s why their projects are great. Plus, they make me look hot. They would never let your ass look to’ up unless that’s part of their vision. Working with them makes our lives better and their work makes the world a better place. Pay attention, bitches.

From MAX FISHER aka Editor, Effects, Co-Writer, Co-Director:

How the fuck did we pull this off??? Together we made a (barely) feature-length sequel about a fake-Satanic dance band, who also double as government spies, that includes a song called “Fuck you, skinny white bitch,” plus it got accepted into Atlanta’s biggest film festival– Just try to take that in for a minute!
There was a time (literally years ago) when we only had a few weeks to shoot over half the movie, at locations we hadn’t found, with bands we hadn’t cast and I honestly thought completing it was impossible. Except, spoiler alert: It wasn’t. We fucking did it! You all sweat, fake bled, repeated stupid lines for hours on end, animated, held brooms as boom poles, produced amazing music, sacrificed your weekends, sang as multiple people, and danced in front of a green screen just because you believed in this movie (or you really loved birthday cake Oreos). Personally, I have never had a more satisfying experience working on a project. Because I edited the movie I have seen it a million times and I can honestly say that it never gets old to me.
Somehow, what seemed like an impossible task turned into a thoroughly entertaining movie that people are really responding well to. I’m so proud to be associated with you all and so thankful that you believed in me to help you with this movie. I hope you can see how much all your hard work paid off and can’t wait to do it all again with you!

From EDDIE RAY aka Bitch: 

I am the director, co-writer and co-creater of the these movies. The day I came up with the idea for these movies I was sitting with Matt Gallo in his apartment talking about the cartoon Jem and the Holograms and said “What about a Satanic dance band movie”. Then we both starting coming up with character names an ideas for this shit. Then I sat down and wrote that shit. Then I meet Max Fisher and he told me that he loved Jem and the Holograms he then became Assistant Director on the first film. He also edited the music videos and the opening and ending credits for that film. When he was almost done with the first music video I came over to his apartment to sit down and watch it and to give him notes on it. When it was done playing I had no notes to give him. It was perfect. I’m serious. I got in the car and called Matt, Kevin, Marlinda and Cherry (they didn’t know Max well yet and were skeptical still) and told them all that I just watched the music video that Max edited and you are going to die. It’s amazing. I was so happy. I knew we would be partners on these films after that night. He understood me and I understood him. From that night I trusted him. Part 1 was finished. So we wrote part 2 together Now part 2 is done and in the credits it says Max is assistant Director, but we all really know we both Directed this movie. We both wrote it. We did not both edit it. He did that shit. I love him and I am lucky to know him. I believe people meet in life for reasons. This is one of those times. To create this magic bitch.

I have been lucky enough to meet so many talented people in my life that want to work with me on all the crazy ideas that I have.  Then I realize they have crazy ideas too. I honestly love everyone that has ever helped me on any film I have ever done long or short. I think it starts as someone helping me then it becomes me helping them. It’s hard making movies and I have put people through hell over the years. Hahaha. Matt Gallo without you this movie would have never even been created. When  we are together we are 10 years old and create insanity that is gold. I love you always! Marlinda Phillips I have known you forever and you alway ride the ride with and never complain about it. I told you will get to wear a red jump suit, red high heels, and look like Susan Lucci from the 80’s. You were so Happy and went looking for the outfit the next day! I am glad we bought that wig. I love you always! Kevin Vickery when I first met you I underestimated you. It was the worst mistake ever I made. I realized within days that you were funny and smart as fuck. From then on I would be asking your opinion on everything. I love you always! Cherry DelRosario when I met you we were both in zombie makeup. We were bored and had to keep each other entertained and became friends immediately. From that day on I was pitching you movie ideas. I was like what about this movie? What about that movie? I am glad you were always on board no matter what I threw at your ass. You have brought so much life and voice to these movies literally. I love you Always! All 4 of you brought Satanic Panic to life and made them real. Without you guys there would be no movie! You are true stars and we love you.

Rob Bullard, Laura Krueger, James Yates, and Molly Kristyn. You are the best bad guys I have ever seen on film. I am serious. You make everything look so easy and fun. I don’t know how you do it. When I first saw you all on stage I literally said I want you all in everything I do from now on. PERIOD!!!!!! Terry, Susan, Dick Dano, and Connie should rule the world. You all deserve Oscars in my opinion. Thank you for giving so much time, energy, and love into this movie. We will never forget it. I love you always! This is your film!

I have stories about each and every person in the cast (WHEN TEMPERS FLARE rules!) and crew but this was supposed to be short. Dan Foley you are my hero. His music is mind blowing! Everyone contributed in thousands of ways. Their time, their money, their camerawork, their acting, their sound, their music, their voice, their support, their location, their friendship, their love, etc. Thank you for making our dream of Satanic Panic 1 and 2 come true! I love you always!


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