Wes Craven: Taught Me How To Die


Wes Craven has died and thanks to Wes all his films really got me ready for death. He even showed us every horrible way to fuckin die. Let’s be real though he was probably not going to direct the next cutting edge horror movie in 2016, but because of him somebody else will be. Even this year the movie “It Follows” came out and it has “A Nightmare on Elm Street” written all over it and yes, it happens to be the best horror movie this year. So in way he is still directing movies through others. I haven’t always loved horrors movies because that shit is scary and I was little, but over time I realized how important they were to me and my life. When I first watched “A nightmare on Elm Street” I was terrified. So I think I only watched it in tiny pieces. It scared the shit out of me for years after before even sat down and watched the entire film. Yes, years bitch. A monster that can get you while you dream! Brilliant. How will Freddy kill you next? Then how will these characters survive and deal with their deaths? How does Nancy survive when all her friends die? I mean how does my ass deal with shit when my friends die?. How do I survive when the creeps come after me in this world down dark alleys and shit? Shit Wes’s films really did teach me how to die, so that I could live. Look behind you bitch so that mother fucker don’t get you! I owe him that. “I’m into survival”- Nancy. Without him my head would have been cut off years ago in a playground or some shit. When he made the movie “Scream” it was his thank you card to horror fans. It was made for us fans, it was “us” in the movie. We had survived through the horror/death of our “Nightmares” and woke up to “Scream”. When I walked out of the movie “Scream” I said “Your welcome, Wes”. It really is just a sad day for the world and for Horror. We have lost one of the people who created what horror is today. He really helped create the horror game, then broke that board and changed it again, and I’m sad he will not be able to contribute anymore to the world of horror. I know he has influenced all of us and so many Directors and writers in this world and in that way he lives on.. blah blah, but horror died a little today. It’s weird that on the day he died, I was driving around with a friend listening to an A Nightmare on Elm Street greatest hits mix I made looking for Halloween costumes, then that night that same friend (Dylan G.) texted me about his death. I own most of Wes Craven’s films and I love watching them to this day. His characters are fun, real and over-the-top. His shit was weird and scary and has lasted the test of time. If you love horror movies then you love Wes Craven. I’m glad Wes taught me about death and how to survive it. How to be smart and fight back. How to make memorable characters in the films I make.  Thank you Wes Craven for scaring me and making me laugh. I hope we never fuckin sleep again!


Here is an article about his death:


A list of his films. Go watch them all!

  1. The Last House on the Left 1972
  2. The Hills Have Eyes 1977
  3. Stranger in Our House 1978
  4. Deadly Blessing 1981
  5. Swamp Thing 1982
  6. Invitation to Hell 1984
  7. The Hills Have Eyes Part II 1984
  8. A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984
  9. Deadly Friend 1986
  10. The Serpent and the Rainbow 1988
  11. Shocker 1989
  12. The People Under the Stairs 1991
  13. New Nightmare 1992
  14. Vampire in Brooklyn 1995
  15. Scream 1996
  16. Scream 2 1997
  17. Music of the Heart 1999
  18. Scream 3 2000
  19. Cursed 2005
  20. Red Eye 2005
  21. My Soul to Take 2010
  22. Scream 4 2011 – Honestly I love this movie and I can hope I end my career with such a cool ass movie. 

Here are some parodies I made that his films inspired me to make.


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