I won “Best Indie Filmmaker” in Atlanta BITCH!



It looks like a bunch of people of voted for me and I won. I hope there is a cash prize so it can help me pay for these Halloween costumes. Haha Okay here is my speech that Marlinda Phillips asked for haha. I have been filming shit since I was 10 years old and some people think most of the things I make are ghetto, violent, vulgar or whatever. To me that is just being honest and probably the way I sound. I just make them because they make sense to me I guess and I love movies. I just hope you watch something I made and laugh or throw up or whatever. I think most of you reading this have probably been in one of my films or videos over the years. I literally meet you and think who could you play in something, then you are in it. Basically this thing should have all your names on it because without people believing in you, then you got shit. All the actors, co-writers, co-directors, producers, musicians, artists, people who work with me behind the scenes, production folks, etc. You won too. So thank you for believing in me as much I believe in you all. smile emoticon Also sorry for torturing everyone on their days off for years and years. Especially the past 15 years haha. Thanks for taking the time to vote on a bitch too. I am just happy we got in the Atlanta Film Festival this year and we got noticed on Creative Loafing Atlanta. Anyway thanks for watching and caring. If you have been in one of my films old or new do you have good or bad memory with me on it? Haha also now when I ask for money on an Indie Go Go you will give some yay!

Add Ebola Entertainment on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/groups/148565215215876/

Me as an evil child!


Here some of my favorite films we made. I am sure you will like at least one of them old or new. 


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