What I did for Halloween 2018!

Here is what I did during Halloween 2018. I keep a log of what I did so that I can look back and see years later. Also to make sure that I did enough to make Samhain happy. Thanks to all who celebrated Halloween with me.

  1. Watched Nightmare on Elm Street 4

2. Got a window sticker of Michael Myers

3. Went to see Slender Man at the drive in.


4. Made these meme.

5. Decorated my front door.

6. Decorated my office.

7. Watched The Omen and made Satanic cookies


8. Made Shrinky Dinks while watching Hocus Pocus.


9. Went to 13 Stories Haunted Pink Trap House.

10. Went to Fear the Woods haunted attraction

11. Made a new short film for Halloween! On Halloween in 1978 Ben Tramer just wanted to have a good time and ask out the girl of his dreams Laurie Strode… but things don’t always go as planned. See the untold story of Ben Tramer from the classic film Halloween (1978).

12. Went Netherworld Haunted House.

13. Watched Halloween 4

14. Went to Universal Horror Nights

15. Went to Not So Scary Mickey Party at Disney

16. Was on Assembly Line Yeah at Adult Swim and made a ghost.

17. Went to see the new Halloween movie

18. Went to Camp Blood

19. Bought 1,000 bucks worth of Halloween candy for parade

20. Was in the Little 5 Points Halloween parade

Adam and Eddie Adventures

here is the full parade video

21. Went to Nightmare’s Gate

22. Saw the new Halloween movie twice.

23. Carved Pumpkins

24. My Halloween Costume for 2018 is The Icee Bear.

25. Mary’s Halloween Party

26. Joey’s, Joe’s and Steven’s halloween Party

Here is a look.

27. Uncle Shucks Corn maze


28. Went to see the Exorcist.

29. Was on HOW TO DRAW on Adult Swim carving Pumpkins.

30. Max Fisher got me 2 autographs from the cast of Halloween 2. Nancy Stephens and Ty Mitchell.


31. The Fog

32. Co-hosted The Halloween Special for Swap Shop.

32. Halloween night! We sent to see the new Halloween movie at the drive in but there website was screwed up and they weren’t playing it. So we saw the last 15 minutes of earlier screening.

We also made these Trick ‘r Treat  inspired decorations.

33. My Halloween night pumpkin 2018.

Here is a look at all the Halloween haunts we went to and fun things we did.




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