Top Ten Movies of 2018! Well My Top 20, Calm Down!

Here is a list of my top films of 2018 that I loved and the reviews for each one are underneath. You may agree or disagree. Who cares make your own list or let me know one that I may have missed and I will watch that shit and add it to the list. It was an Okay year for movies. There was some fun stuff and some weird and different ones too. What’s on the list may surprise or you may have never been surprised before in your life. I have learned that your favorite movies of each year are the ones you will watch over and over. Maybe the critics didn’t like it, maybe they seem silly, or maybe you follow the crowd/reviewers. Just be honest with yourself and shit you like blah blah blah. Love what you love. I would watch all these movies again and maybe even again and again. Don’t be a grumpy bitch who says “There are no new ideas anymore in Hollywood” or “Everything sucks” etc. You ain’t cool bitch, or get your ass up and make your own films. Do something new. 🙂 Here they are! Remember my full reviews are underneath each one. Some are still being written.

  1. Hereditary– This movie is incredible. It’s scary and beautiful. The score and acting in it is amazing. It’s my favorite movie of the year.

2. Halloween 2018- I love Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. Maybe it wasn’t what fans wanted but I loved it and the score. I will be watching this one in the future many times.

3. Crazy Rich Asians– I really felt happy after this movie. I was happy about the movie and the cast in it.

4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Honestly this movie had the best dialogue of any film this year. It was cool, smart, fun, and made you like superhero movies again.

5. Boy Erased– This movie is great but sad as hell and maybe someone will learn something about people by watching it.

6. The Night Comes for Us– This movie gave it to you. The choreography in this movie is mind-blowing. It’s just fun, real and gory movie.

7. Love, Simon– I wasn’t sure I would even like this movie, but it’s great to see a Hollywood LGBT story on the big screen that was good and entertaining.

8. Boarding School– You haven’t heard of this movie, but it’s so weird and fucked up and I loved it.

9. If Beale Street Could Talk– You are living these people’s lives. You feel what they feel and the directing is great.

10.It’s Nun of Your Goddamn Business– Get ready for the craziest movie of the year. I have never seen something so weird and amazing! Here is a link to watch it.

also this masterpiece! I can’t believe they finally told the story of Ben Trammer. Wow I am floored. You can watch it here for free.

Here are the fun runners-up!

  1. Bumblebee listen this movie is a lot of fun with a teen girl as the lead and the Transformers look the way we wanted them to look. I loved it. Also I hate the Michael Bay Transformer movies. So this was a happy change.

2. Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Are you kidding me! This movie is fun and witty and really the best superhero movie of the year. The dialogue is amazing. I know you like the old Teen Titans etc etc.

3.Eighth Grade This movie is better than I thought it would be, mainly because of the director. It was real and sad and really felt like a documentary at times. Yes 8th grade sucked.

4. BlacKkKlansman Real life is fucked up. This true story really was interesting, entertaining and hopefully someone learned something about racism. A must watch.

5. Mary Poppins Returns Listen I love Mary Poppins even those she is shady as fuck. This movie takes a minute to process, but it was nuts and happy.

6. Ben Is Back A Christmas story on drugs and the sadness that comes with it. Julia Roberts cursing people out is great.

7. Creed II I love the Rocky movies and I love the Creed movies and the direction they went in.

8. Sorry to Bother You Wow this movie had a lot to say and left you fucked up on the way out.

9.Black Panther I mean I guess Superhero movies are part of our lives now, but at least this one gave you shit you have never seen before and characters that need to be seen.

10. Ready Player One Listen Steven has lost the magic over the years, but this one got me excited. I loved looking for all the hidden characters, and it really was fun to watch.






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