What I did for Halloween 2019

  1. Decorated my front door for the 50th anniversary of Scooby Doo.

2. Got liked by Beistle! The Halloween decoration company!


4. Watched MA

5. Went to Spirit Halloween store

6. Hung out in the Scooby van!

7. Went to a cabin on Friday the 13th!


8. Watched Elvira Mistress of the Dark.

9. Went to 13 Stories Trap Haunted House.

Here is a link to the video they put up of us.

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Man scream. #13Stories

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10. Went to Fear the Woods Haunted trail.

11. Went to watch Mark Patton‘s (Jesse from Nightmare on Elm Street 2) new film Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street an amazing documentary.

Also he liked my picture on instagram! YES!


13. Went to Netherworld Haunted House.

14. Wrote an article in Atlanta Magazine about things to do for Halloween.

15. Went to Folklore Haunted House!

16. Got 800 dollars worth of candy for Halloween parade!


16. Little 5 points Halloween Parade and got in the paper.

Here is the video:


17. Beistle thank me! They make the best Halloween decorations since like the 30’s

18. Went to It Follows screening.

19. Went to Candyman screening.

20. Made Halloween Spotify playlist for Adult Swim


21. Carved pumpkins

22. Went to Turner Halloween party!

23. My Halloween costume 2019! Mr. Persnickety!

24. Halloween party!

Video from party

25. Halloween in NY!

26. Halloween in Japan!

27. Made a short horror film in Japan.

Coming Soon!


28.  A greatest hits video of Halloween fun from 2019!

Dragon Con through the years! 2008-2017

Here is a look at all the years we are at Dragon Con. We show it all!

2008- I didn’t really start filming until 2009 there, but here is a clip from that year.

2009- My first video about our adventures there.

2010- Still only 10 minutes wow!

2011- The year of Thundercats!

2012- This year was fun and 15 minutes.

2013- This one is great and 19 minutes yesssss!

2014- SAILOR MOON!  30 minutes long! Probably my favorite one.

2015- So funny! 56 minutes!!!!!

2016- We had a lot of fun this year. 53 minutes long!

2017- This year was great! 53 minutes. hahahaha


What I did for Halloween 2017!

Here is what I did during Halloween 2017. I keep a log of what I did so that I can look back and see years later. Also to make sure that I did enough to make Samhain happy. Thanks to all who celebrated Halloween with me.

  1. We had a Halloween meeting to plan stuff in August.

2. Tied “IT” Balloons on the street.

Watch here!

3. Went to see Suspiria in the theater.

4. Went to see “It.

5. Watched “Poltergeist”.

6. Max and I made a new video series called “Just Give Me The Deetz” dressed as Lydia Deetz.

7. Decorated my front door.

8. Painted coffins and watched Pet Cemetery.

9. Watched Scream 2 and took pics!

10. We went to FEAR THE WOODS haunted house/trail.

Our “Just Give Me The Deetz” video got reposted by FEAR THE WOODS too.

11. We we to see Halloween in the theater.

12. I explained “Curses” on Adult Swim.

13. Creepy Co. Shared my Halloween pic!

14. Got a message from someone from youtube about a video I put up 10 years ago from Salem on Halloween.

“I don’t know how often you check this and if you’ll ever see this, but just wanted to let you know your video “Magic Pumpkin Man” has brought so much joy to my friend and I for the past 10 years lol. I came across it on YouTube while looking up Nightmare Before Christmas clips in 07 and every year around Halloween we send it to each other. It is really the glue keeping our long distance friendship going. So just wanted to thank you and please don’t ever delete it. It is hilarious and the best Halloween masterpiece I’ve ever seen. Happy Halloween!”

Wow who knew. It’s only a few seconds long. haha

15. Went to Camp Blood

16. Watched Beetlejuice!

17. Went to see Monster Squad!

18. Went to see Happy Death Day!

19. Went to a Cabin for Friday the 13th Weekend!

Here is the video for it.

20. Went to Nightmare’s Gate Haunted House

21. Went so the THE CRAFT!

22. Went to see CHRISTINE!

23. Went to the Grant Park Halloween Lantern Parade

24. Went to a Spooky Tales Party at Eli and Diana’s.

25. Was in the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade.

Dressed at Wonder Pickle. 
Here is everyone from the Adult Swim Float. 

We bought 1,000 dollars worth of candy for it.

I was in the Creative Loafing biting my lip.

We streamed it live on Adult Swim.

Here is the link to watch it : Click Here!

26. We carved Pumpkins.

27. Here is my pumpkin for 2017.

28. We made costumes on Assembly Line Yeah on Adult Swim!

Watch the episode here:

Click this to watch episode

30. Was on Swap Shop with Zach, Adam and Sasha on Adult Swim with a Halloween Special as Sonny the Shark.

Here is a link for the show:Click here for show!


31. Went to Goth Nite in my first costume. The Grim Reaper of 2017.

It was inspired by this pin Max Fisher sent me a pic of and the maker of it tagged me in his pos when I posted me in it.


32. Here is my Halloween costume for 2017. The Georgia Patch King 1817.

33. Went to Mary’s Halloween party.

Here is the video!

34. Went to Joey W.’s Halloween Party TERROR ON GRANT PARK.

Here is the video!

35. Made tombstones on Assembly Line for Adult Swim.

Here is a link to watch the episode: Click this!

37. Put out our Halloween night pumpkin.

38. Gave out candy, to nobody. They didn’t show up.


39. Here is a look at all the Halloween fun in a video!


40. Went to see John Carpenter in Concert in NY with Matt Gallo.

Here is the video.


Watch us review America! Eddie & Max: Deal With It America!

BRAND NEW! Take a look at me and Max Fisher’s journey across America. From LA to Atlanta. See Roswell and where the aliens landed. See me bitch about the desert. See Max’s first and last time in New Orleans. See us skip over Mississippi all together. Take a look and we hope you laugh or hate us whichever. Yes this was that trip with a million pics on instagram. Also add us on https://www.instagram.com/videovacation/ 

Just Give Me The Deetz- Where to buy a Halloween Costume!

A BRAND NEW “JUST GIVE ME THE DEETZ”. Me and Max Fisher talk about where to buy costumes and take a visit to #spirithalloween store. Don’t miss out! We even show you some pics of us in Halloween costumes when were little! Add us on https://www.instagram.com/videovacation/ #lydiadeetz

What I did for Halloween 2016!

Here is what I did during Halloween 2016. I keep a log of what I did so that I can look back and see years later. Also to make sure that I did enough to make Samhain happy. Thanks to all who celebrated Halloween with me.

  1. Went to Vanessa’s cabin to collect sticks for Blair Witch Stick figure making party.14289828_10154514713949819_903433730517029274_o
  2. Made Blair Witch Sticks.


Blair Witch liked my photos.


4.Met Black Phillp


5. Went to Nightmares Gate Haunted house.



6. Made a short film


7. Went to Phantasm


8. Got witchy.


8. Went to Fear the Woods.

img_5930-19. Hosted an Adult Swim party as Vampire Ships Captain.

14542370_10154595914754819_7930163896364174783_o 14567427_10154595340579819_7451334953379966150_o

10. Went on Assembly Line Yeah.


A link to watch the show.


Also they recreated one of my favorite Halloween costumes!


Watch episode here!


Bedazzled Jason masks also.



11. Went to 13 Stories Haunted House.



12. Bought 1,000 dollars worth of Halloween candy for Little 5 Points Parade.


13. Was in the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade with Adult Swim.

14711479_10154615836039819_5671512807076615385_o 14707008_10154617886944819_5176521474650038634_o

Here is a video of the event.

14. Went to Fright Fest at Six Flags


15. Went to see THE THING with this crew!


16. Went to Sam and Mattie Spring Break Zombie Massacre premiere.


17. Went to the Midnight Showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.


18. Keith’s Halloween Party. Dressed up as The Fisherman from I Know What You Did Last Summer.


Here is a video from that night!

19. Carved Halloween pumpkins


Dressed up as Black Phillip from the movie THE WITCH while I carved. 14714858_10154645978594819_976181884637385984_o

20. DJ’d Halloween songs on Clocks on Adult Swim and painted this.



21. Went Mary’s Halloweenie party!

14890424_10154661907734819_1171049343172708274_o 14884663_10154661908864819_9063068205015846272_o 14633292_10154661909799819_5868898266118588664_o

Here is a video from that night!

22. Went to New Orleans.

14713614_10154665555824819_6972782138264508409_n 14907063_10154664508749819_2160674773542214063_n

23. Stayed in a haunted hotel in New Orleans on Halloween.


24. Went to House of Shock haunted house.


Here is a look at the opening of HOUSE OF SHOCK for 2016. It was political and it was disappointing. Halloween and politics don’t mix. Halloween is eternal. Politics is fleeting and forgettable. The house itself was great though as always.

25. Decorated the front door like Ghostbusters.


26. Silas made me this Halloween painting!


27. My good friend Skinner made this for me for a Halloween surprise. It’s a message he left on my phone that he turned into a short film.

28. Explained Halloween and the Satanic Temple on Stupid Morning Bullshit.



Satanic Temple


29. My Halloween costume for 2016. Xanadoug from the planet Zatarain!