“My Friend Dahmer” or “Dahmer High” – my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Ross Lynch“. Can you feel sorry for the devil? That’s the big question this movie is asking your ass. Okay so this is the story of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer before he starting killing. Which was while he was in High School and he had a couple of friends. What his family and life was like and what he did and went through. What he was like dealing with the need to kill and also being gay. How his friends saw him and his alcoholism. Until the day he began killing men right after he graduated. So get ready for bizarre tale.

Okay this film really is interesting, you really only hear about his life when he starting killing people and that’s it. It’s interesting to see where he came from and what turned him into this “devil”. There is a lot of stuff you just didn’t know about him. At times you even feel sorry for him, then you get to the end and remember, oh shit he killed 17 dudes. Then you are like goddamnnnnn. It’s all fucked up. What’s also creepy/cool is that they filmed in his real house that he grew up in. It still looks the exact same. Ross Lynch who plays Jeff really did a great job, not playing him scary or weird, but just playing him. Let the viewer find what creeps them out etc. He is a human, even if he is fucked up. You can learn from this cat and so that you know the 20 others that are like him coming your way in the future. Don’t forget Anne Heche is in this and plays his crazy ass mom. She is great and Anne really fun to watch in shit. Okay check this movie out if you want to see real life horror. This was one interesting and fucked up high school drama. Honestly I wish this was a 10 episode Netflix series dealing with his whole life. Ross was that good in it and it was that interesting. 

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Ross Lynch plays Jeff Dahmer and he was great. That hair needs an Oscar too. Drop Ross in other cool roles. 

B. The real Jeff.

C. It was filmed in Jeffery Dahmer’s actual childhood home in Bath, Ohio.

D. His doctor was Vincent Kartheiser from MR. ROBOT. He felt his balls during a check up and Jeff got a boner. Haha that was a lot. 

E. Anne Heche was nuts in this, but great. 

F. Here is the comic book his friend wrote about him. https://www.amazon.com/My-Friend-Dahmer-Derf-Backderf/dp/1419702173

G. Here is Ross in Disney’s “Teen Beach Movie“.

H. The poster is cute.