“Love, Simon” or “A Gay Teens Coming (of age) Out Story” my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Love, Simon“. Okay so this is the first big gay Hollywood teen movie. That’s a big deal, it took them until 2018 to make it. The film starts off with a teen named Simon. He is just your average teen but he wants to love dudes. Ya know, make out with them or bang them. Nobody knows he is gay and he is scared shitless about it, because people are assholes and they will beat him up or make fun of him etc. One day Simon finds out that there is another gay dude in his school and he starts emailing him secretly. They don’t know who each other are though. Simon has fantasies about which guy at his school it might be. It’s a like a murder mystery but without anyone getting murdered. Unless murdering that ass counts. In the end Simon has to deal with coming out and how his friends and family will treat him afterwards all while trying to get a date. Also his papers due!

Okay so this movie is great. It really is the first big Hollywood moving about being a gay teen and how hard it is to be gay in High School. It really has all the sort of jokes and characters you would expect in a teen movie, which is fun. Everyone in it really does a great job and you are interested on who they are etc. Nick Robinson really is a star and he has been great in everything I have seen him in. You really believe what he is selling you, and it’s sadness and excitement. If you don’t know what it’s like to be a gay teen then this movie does a good job letting the audience know without being super preachy. They even casted a lot of gay actors to be in the film also.  Jennifer Garner has a great speech in the movie about just because you are gay it doesn’t change who you are. It really is a fun and emotional coming of age (out) story. You will enjoy it for sure and also learn some things about how hard it is for gay teens. Go see it! It’s a positive film about being gay, and being in love. That things will work out for gay teens aka LGBT kids. 

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Nick Robinson is great in this film and he really is a star. He was great in “The Kings of Summer” too.

B. Joey Pollari plays Lyle in the film and is gay in real life. He was good too. 


C. Keiynan Lonsdale plays Kid Flash in The Flash TV show, and is also gay in real life. 

D. Here is Nick talking to Ellen about his brother coming out.

E. Miles Heizer is great. I love him in this and “13 Reasons Why” The were rumors that he and his 13 Reasons Why costar were dating for a while. 


Kisses from 13 Reasons Why

F. Simon’s friends in the film were believable too. It’s a teen movie, make the teens real and they did. Katherine Langford Alexandra Shipp Jorge Lendeborg Jr. were all fun. It was a feel good movie. 

G. A gay Director,  Xavier Dolanwrote a love letter to the film. Read it. He is a good director also.


H. Directed by Greg Berlanti  (Written for ArrowThe FlashTitans, Dawson’s Creek, ) He also produces Riverdale.

He is on the left with his husband Robbie Rogers on the right.

I. Simple but effective. I am into it.

“Beach Rats” or “Get Your Dick Sucked On The Beach” my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Beach Rats“. Okay the film starts off with this dude named Frankie and he is looking at Nude Live Chat guys online. He wants to see their dicks etc. The next day he is hanging with his strait pals. Nobody knows he is gay, he doesn’t either. He is trying to hide it but wants the dick. He meets this girl and they hang out and try to have sex but he can’t get it up. Somehow they keep going out. He basically tries to balance his straight life with sucking dick in the woods by the beach. It’s a sad life that he struggles with and does drug too to try to deal with it all.

Okay so I enjoyed this movie. It was not as sad as I thought it was going to be, but you did feel sad for him. You just wanted him to be happy and be himself. Is there a plot/story not really. It’s just this guys life on Coney Island, with lights, colors, shadows, dicks, sadness. Him not even not knowing what the word “Gay” even really means.  Frankie just dealing with trying to understand why he is attracted to guys and pretending it’s not real. Looking chat rooms instead of Grindr because someone his own age might find him out. It really is a beautifully shot film and you will feel like you stepped into this guys life for a short time. You may even like you sucked a dick. Haha Anyway check this film out and learn what it’s like to feel trapped in a secret life and not be yourself daily.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Harris Dickinson played Frankie and he was great. He was quiet and honest. 

B. At one point he mocks his girlfriend by asking her “Do you think I’m pretty?”. It’s like he invisible to the world, like he can’t see himself or refuses to because if he does then he will realize he is gay. Sad as fuck.

C. Directed by Eliza Hittman (It Felt Like Love). I can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

D. Madeline Weinstein plays his girlfriend. 

E. He is a great interview with Harris Dickinson about his role. 

“My idea of romance is tailor-made pleasure.”: Harris Dickinson on being sexy but not romanti…

F. His straight pals.

G. 2 posters. Both are shirtless.