“Boy Erased” or “Religion is Terrible” my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Boy Erased“. Lucas Hedges plays Jared Eamons in this true story. Jared is the son of a preacher and he is outed by his parents. He tells them he thinks about men and they send him to a church-supported gay conversion program. They want to turn him straight. Now he is this program with other gay kids who are trying to pray the gay away. Nicole Kidman is his mother and learns to be understanding. In the end all you can do is be yourself and live happy.

Okay so this movie is great but also sad as hell. Lucas Hedges gives it to you as always. You really hurt for him and his life. You just want to bust in that shit hole and rescue everyone. Troye Sivan has a small part in it, but honestly he was really good. Hopefully he does more. Director Xavier Dolan also has a part in it. He is an amazing director. They are conflicted gay kids. You really do feel sad for all of them and wish people would just learn to accept people and be happy. Nicole plays his mother and she does look like a sassy southern woman in this film. You believe her. It really is a sad story and it’s sadder because it really happened to Jared Eamons but the amazing part is how you can go through all this shit and come out the other side and help people. This is a great film to watch with everyone so they know what people are going through. Check it out and learn something but also be entertained by a smart and serious film.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Lucas Hedges (Moonrise KingdomThe Grand Budapest HotelManchester by the SeaLady BirdBen Is BackMid90s) is great in this movie but he is good in every movie. He gives you that somber seriousness and you believe what he is selling.

B. Nicole Kidman survived Tom Cruise and she can do anything now.

C. Directed by Joel Edgerton (actor in these movies It Comes at Night ,Midnight Special , The Thing remake). You feel this movie and he was even good in it.

D. Troye Sivan was in it also. He did a good job and also had this song on the soundtrack.

E. Director Xavier Dolan (HeartbeatsI Killed My MotherIt’s Only the End of the World) was in this movie also. He is great and you should check out his films they are great too.

F. Here is a picture of the author of the book and the real Jared Eamons

G. Too real for your bedroom wall.