“Creed 2” or “The Dragos are Back” my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Creed II“. Okay I loved the first Creed movie and the Rocky movies are great. Creed is back and he is still hanging with Rocky and his girlfriend Tessa Thompson. They are chilling and happy until Drago from Rocky 4 shows back up with his son. His son wants to fight Creed but Creed is like you killed my fuckin dad etc. Rocky is pissed too. So they get into with Drago and his son, with a few surprises.

Listen I like the Rocky movies and the Creed movies. They feel honest and real, sad and happy. I am not even into sports or boxing or whatever. It doesn’t matter. It feels like life and real conversations. Michael B. Jordan is great in these movies and you always believe what he is selling. He looks like he is beating ass and getting his ass beat too. Tessa Thompson really is a star now, and a star in this movie. She is a real as it’s going to get. Sylvester Stallone really makes you feel sad for him and his life. Even moments with his son are sad as hell. I really hope they make Creed 3 with Mr. T. I realized Rocky may be like 70 but he could still knock me through a goddamn wall. I love that Drago and his son are back and pissed and also sad about their own lives in Russia. I buy it all. You really feel like these characters are growing and learning shit. Even bad guys have their reasons and maybe aren’t that bad after all. It was great to see Dolph Lundgren in this role again. Bring his ass back for part 3.  If you love the Rocky movies and you will love this movie. Go check it out and Watch Creed 1 also.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Michael B. Jordan really is a star. He can act and he is charismatic.

B. Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa is still good after all these films. He knows how to sell it subtly. I hope he makes more of them and I want to see the next Rambo movie.

D. Tessa Thompson has blown up all over the place. I love her in everything!

E. Phylicia Rashad is a hero to us all. I love her in these movies. I just wish her part was even bigger.

F. Dolph Lundgren is back and he is good in it. He is also in Aquaman this year. His storyline was interesting for sure.

G. Milo Ventimiglia played Rocky’s son in “Rocky Balboa” part 6. He is great in that and in this. I wish his part was bigger though.

H. Bring back Mr. T I hope they bring his ass back for Creed 3! Pleasssseee!

I. Muscle poster



“Halloween” 2018 or “The Year of Halloween”- My fuckin review

Here is my review for “Halloween” 2018. Listen I love the Halloween movies. I love the music and the characters and Michael Myers. I was so excited to see this movie and the new swag/merch that has come out this year for the Halloween movies is nuts. It’s a great time to be alive for Halloween. Okay so this movie takes place right after the first Halloween movie back in 1978. The others movies do not exist. It’s 40 years later and Michael has been locked up in Smith’s Grove this whole time. Laurie is a Doomsday Prepper and has been stockpiling weapons etc. She has a Daughter named Karen and Granddaughter named Allyson. They both think Granny is crazy from her ordeal back in the day. Ya know get over it. Now Michael has escaped and he is out looking for blood and Laurie. Laurie is dealing with stress and emotional issues but you can’t shut Laurie Strode down. Michael starts killing everyone and he means business, it’s get gory as fuck. In the end it’s the 40 year reunion of Michael and Laurie. Who will get their asses handed to them this time!

Okay so I felt overwhelmed watching this movie. I have been waiting so long for it to come out and I was like HOLY SHIT! I love the Laurie Strode character on any timeline. You really just feel sad for her and her life this time because Michael fucked her shit up. I even love the dynamic between Laurie and her daughter. You know mothers and daughters don’t get along etc., but Laurie and her granddaughter do. I even love how it’s really about women empowerment. It always has been. In Halloween 1 Laurie was strong and smart. She is stronger and smarter now. She is trying to live with the shit that happened to her, like a lot of women do today. I love the “New” Loomis, because he is not Loomis at all. It reminded me of Dr. Wynn from part 1 and 6. That’s the thing too, there are nods to all the films but in subtle ways that fans would probably know. Mrs. Elrod from part 2 is in there! Yes!

Michael was scary again in this one too. Micheal’s walk was great. He even sells it with the standing around. In 4-8 he really wasn’t scary to me. The mask looked great too and it’s what really sells him. A lot of the masks have looked like shit over the years. I really love that he is walking the suburban streets again and just killing people, but not everyone. I love that he doesn’t kill everyone, that’s the way he was in part 1 and 2. Skip over some people. The score by John Carpenter was incredible, his music is amazing to me and always feels right. It makes a difference in having him compose the score again. Halloween 4 and 5 scores are pretty good, 6 is a lot, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later is too hollywood and uses a big orchestra, Part 8 is terrible. Rob Zombie’s movie scores for his remakes are just noises and sound effects really. So it makes a difference to have Carpenter on it again. They did a great job shooting a lot of the Michael Myers stuff, but I do wish it was more “Halloween” season atmospheric. Even part 4 has a great opening and you feel like it’s Halloween in that movie. Something quiet and dark about it all.

Is it perfect? No, but how do they make it perfect? I have no idea. Did the English Podcast people get on my nerves? Yes. I do miss that Laurie is his sister. I loved that. It scared me in Halloween 2. I also wish it was longer. More Showdown and more Teen dialogue, but I get why it couldn’t be longer. I also wish it had more nods to the other Halloween movies, but loved what they showed. Even the Jamie Lloyd nod at the end was great.

It was made for fans of the Halloween series for sure. It may not be what everyone wanted but it gave me what I needed and I hope they make another one. I have learned with horror sequels when someone watches one of these movies when they are young that’s the one they liked and think is scary. When people get older, obviously they are not scared like they were when they were watching it at 15 years old or whatever. The world is a real scary place now. So it’s hard to submit to horror movies as an adult. Scary is relative and always will be. One persons nightmares is another persons action adventure or whatever. When you see anything with young/fresh eyes it’s new and scary. When I watch horror movies now I try to think, would this scare me if I was in it. It does and I loved it. It’s great to see theses characters again also in something new. It feels like friends of yours that you get to see again. Also Michael Myers is like Dracula now and timeless. We will always see him in different movies in the future like Dracula. The fun thing is that you have 11 Halloween films to choose from to watch and love whichever one you want to. Even the worst one is still pretty good. I think the new one is scary and moody and depressing.  Anyway so go see this movie and love it or hate it. You will still be entertained by it. It’s Michael Myers and Laurie Strode! She is a 59-year-old woman who is the lead in the number horror movie right now. That’s amazing!


The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing in these movies. Laurie Strode is a hero to us all. I love her in this movie and all the movies.

B. Directed by David Gordon Green (Eastbound & DownRed OaksVice Principals) and Written by David and Danny McBride  Honestly I have enjoyed his shows etc. They are funny and smart ass and the dialogue is great. There are funny or real moments in this film too. I wish there were more.

C. Judy Greer was great in this as Laurie’s daughter Karen Strode. I love Judy and she is Fern Fuckin Mayo from “Jawbreaker“. We love al the Strode girls. They are tough, real and smart.

D. Pj Soles aka Linda also plays the voice of the teacher in this new movie.

E. Yes, the character Cameron’s dad is Lonnie Elam from the original Halloween!

F. Here is a video of me and Max visiting the Original Halloween locations.

G. The complete score and it’s amazing. John Carpenter , Cody Carpenter , Daniel A. Davies composed it.

H. I am in the party scene in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2.  Dressed as this ghost costume I made.

I. Andi Matichak did a good job as Allyson Strode, the news Strode girl. I hope they make another and bring all the Strode girls back.

J. A short film I did back in the day about Michael Myers attacked people for littering on Earth Day. Fuck you it was for school. They said do an Earth Project. I made this.

K. I hope there is a Director’s cut with more teen scenes.

L. The new opening credits are here.


M. This poster is incredible.