“Creed 2” or “The Dragos are Back” my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Creed II“. Okay I loved the first Creed movie and the Rocky movies are great. Creed is back and he is still hanging with Rocky and his girlfriend Tessa Thompson. They are chilling and happy until Drago from Rocky 4 shows back up with his son. His son wants to fight Creed but Creed is like you killed my fuckin dad etc. Rocky is pissed too. So they get into with Drago and his son, with a few surprises.

Listen I like the Rocky movies and the Creed movies. They feel honest and real, sad and happy. I am not even into sports or boxing or whatever. It doesn’t matter. It feels like life and real conversations. Michael B. Jordan is great in these movies and you always believe what he is selling. He looks like he is beating ass and getting his ass beat too. Tessa Thompson really is a star now, and a star in this movie. She is a real as it’s going to get. Sylvester Stallone really makes you feel sad for him and his life. Even moments with his son are sad as hell. I really hope they make Creed 3 with Mr. T. I realized Rocky may be like 70 but he could still knock me through a goddamn wall. I love that Drago and his son are back and pissed and also sad about their own lives in Russia. I buy it all. You really feel like these characters are growing and learning shit. Even bad guys have their reasons and maybe aren’t that bad after all. It was great to see Dolph Lundgren in this role again. Bring his ass back for part 3.  If you love the Rocky movies and you will love this movie. Go check it out and Watch Creed 1 also.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Michael B. Jordan really is a star. He can act and he is charismatic.

B. Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa is still good after all these films. He knows how to sell it subtly. I hope he makes more of them and I want to see the next Rambo movie.

D. Tessa Thompson has blown up all over the place. I love her in everything!

E. Phylicia Rashad is a hero to us all. I love her in these movies. I just wish her part was even bigger.

F. Dolph Lundgren is back and he is good in it. He is also in Aquaman this year. His storyline was interesting for sure.

G. Milo Ventimiglia played Rocky’s son in “Rocky Balboa” part 6. He is great in that and in this. I wish his part was bigger though.

H. Bring back Mr. T I hope they bring his ass back for Creed 3! Pleasssseee!

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