“It” or “Would You Bang Pennywise?”- my fuckin review

Here is my review for “It“. Okay yes we all love the 1990 TV version of “It” and Tim Curry and Jonathan Brandis too. That movie is gold, but it’s not perfect let’s be real shit. So this movie is a part one and just involves the kids. It’s 1989 and the kids are riding around listening to New Kids on the Block and going to see Batman and shit. Until Pennywise shows up and fucks Georgie up. Now the kids are dealing with this antique clown, bullies and puberty. Life is fucked up in Derry! In the end there is no running from this pervy ass clown and they have to go fuck him up, but they make a promise that if he ever shows up they will come back and face his ass again. Which will be part 2. 

Okay this movie is a lot of fun. The kids are fucking great and lovable and likable. They are honest and curse constantly. That’s real life. Their dialogue is too real. The bullies are scary as fuck. If they were real you would think they were going to kill your ass! That’s amazing. Bill Skarsgard is way different from Tim Curry which is fine and he plays him creepier and even more perverted. He did a good job. I even liked his voice. He goddamn google eyes were nuts. People thought it was long but I honestly thought the length was fine. I was ready to see more. The only thing I was not keen on was the score. It was boring and generic. It just wasn’t memorable at all. It could have been really fun and it just wasn’t. I am excited for the sequel now. Oh was it scary? Yes, I mean for normal people. You will jump a few a times. I mean I thought the clown was hot.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Bill Skarsgård (Castle RockAtomic BlondeHemlock Grove) did a good job in the movie. Those eyes and smile were fucked. 

You can see Bill Skarsgard’s dick and him getting a BJ in the movie Behind Blue Skies. Here is the link.


The real IT.  Haha 

B. New Pennywise

Old Pennywise

C. It was directed by Andy Muschietti (Mama). He did a good job and I am excited about seeing part 2 with the adults version come into play. 

D. The bullies were mean as hell and didn’t give a fuck! If you are going to be a bully be a mean one.

E. My favorite shot in the whole movie. Pert Plus it. 

There is even a POP figure of it.

F. The score was composed by Benjamin Wallfisch (Annabelle: CreationA Cure for Wellness) , and it was boring and generic. Here is a sample.

G. Here is a fun instagram we made to promote the movie the day it came out.

H. The kids were great!


Even the old “IT” kids were great. Shit Seth Green and Jonathan Brandis were in that group!


I. Poster real cute.