The Best Ghost Films to Watch for Halloween!


Here is a list of my favorite ghostly flicks to watch on fuckin spooky ass night.

1. The Fog

2. Poltergeist

3. The Shining

4. The Blair Witch Project

5. Lady in White

6. Amityville II: The Possession

7. Poltergeist II: The Other Side

8. The Conjuring

9. The Others

10. The Grudge

11. The Sixth Sense

12. The Entity

13. Insidious

14. Paranormal Activity

14. The Changeling

15. I Remember Dying on Halloween– THE BEST ONE!!!

“US” or “Tether My Ass Scared” – my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Us“. This is Jordan Peele‘s second film! Will it be as good as GET OUT? Is he a one hit wonder or whatever?

Okay so this movie starts off with a little girl who gets lost at the LOST BOYS amusement park on the beach. She ends up in a fun house and runs into Doppelganger down there. She gets back with her parents and she is scared for years. Later the little girl grows up to be Lupita Nyong’o and she is married now and has kids. Now they are all headed back to the beach for fun, Lupita hates the beach because she saw that creepy twin of hers there. It’s night-time and now there is a sketchy family attacked them who also looks just like them. Their doppelgänger/twins hate them and want to see them dead. The chase is on and these Tethered evil twins want blood. In the end you must fight your real enemy who happens to be yourself.

Okay Jordan Peele is giving it to us. You can see he loves horror films from the past, but he is giving his new life. Lupita Nyong’o is amazing in this film as both good and evil characters. So much so you don’t even know who to root for. She really is great in this movie. The whole family is amazing, both versions of them. One family you love because they are fun-loving and real. The other family you love because they are scary and mean as hell. Listen its 2019 and audiences want their horror movies to be smart and witty. This one is both. There is a line that Adelaide Wilson says to her daughter when the shit is about to hit the fan, “Go put your shoes on”. That one line really sums up how smart this movie is. We are so used to seeing dummies in horror movies run around and not think or be prepared (not all horror movies but a lot of them). I really love that line. In the movie “The StrangersLiv Tyler character is bare foot and when shit is going down you see her literally push shoes out-of-the-way. She should be putting shoes on and getting ready to fight. She doesn’t. The Wilson family in “Us” is smart and ready for action.

There are some parts that you will figure out early on, but even then you will think, did I really figure it out. It really keeps you guessing about everyone and even after it is over you will be thinking back about the film and realizing new shit. I bet if you watch this movie 5 more times you will still be learning and seeing secrets. I love the whole idea about being tethered to a bad you, that you want to get rid of. I love that your worst enemy is you. I love that maybe you yourself are the bad person. I love that the government is involved. I love their costumes. It really gives it to you. We can write pages about this movie but stopping reading spoilers and go see the movie and see what your perception of the movie will be. You will be scared and entertained the whole way through.


The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Jordan Peele is popping off! We are excited for more films by him. He really is making scary and smart horror films.

B. Lupita Nyong’o listen she is giving it to you in this movie on all levels. 

C. A detailed article about the film. In case you are lost or something.

D. If you are still feeling lost after the movie here is another link that explains some things. It’s interesting. A lot I missed.

E. A new theory that Michael Myers is tethered.

F. This costume is scary and will look good this Halloween.

G. Mixing this song into score is brilliant and also mocks other horror films for always slowing down rock songs to a creepy version. The score was composed by Michael Abels (Get Out ) and so far 2 great scores.

H. Tim Heidecker (Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) and Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) were great in this and fun to watch.

I. What a great poster.


“Hereditary” or “True Horror is Family” my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Hereditary“. I have been waiting on this movie since the first moment I heard about it. It’s the talked about horror movie of the year. Brought to you by A24 Films. They have been giving you quality for years now, “The Blackcoat’s Daughter” “Green Room” “Witch” “It Follows”  “Under the Skin“. Thank you A24 Films!

Okay back to the film. Okay so this movie starts off moody, weird, sad and scary. Toni Collette’s mother dies and Toni and her family are left trying to deal with her death and the weird shit surrounding it. She has a creepy daughter named Charlie who is running around cutting heads off birds and shit. More creepy ass deaths happen, which causes the family unit to come unraveled into a living nightmare. Now Toni is trying to understand all the deaths in this story. Then supernatural elements come into play in a creepy fucked up way. Obviously I am dancing around the plot so I don’t give things away.

Okay this movie really is nerve-racking as fuck! You will be uneasy watching it the ENTIRE time! My neck was sore when it was over from being tensed up the whole time. It really is a great horror movie that needs to be seen. You will leave thinking about it and might even see ghosts in the shadows of your own room. “Scary” is relative now. So what scares you will not scare me and vice versa. The news is scarier than any horror movie these days, so ya know, but you can still understand what being afraid is. Put yourself in the situation and how it would feel. What is more scary than your crazy ass family doing fucked up shit to you? Your family members dying and not leaving etc. This movie is really about that, the family unit, and how sometimes your parents aren’t so great or they think certain things are in your best interest whether they are fucked up or not. True horror is the family unit. The supernatural elements are just a cherry on top in this film. You will be afraid if you let yourself be. Don’t be an asshole. Ask yourself what movie scared you lately and why?

Toni Collette is so good in this movie. She gave you all the fuckin emotions and sold the shit out of it. She really is talented. Her son is played by Alex Wolff and he was amazing too. There are scenes were he is crying out loud, making noise. Some people in the audience laughed at this and I realized you never really see guys crying “honestly” in film. It’s usually just tears, but this character is broken and it’s real. He is truly horrified and upset. There are so many scenes about life and family that feel real. It will remind you of things that you have experienced in your own life. Are we screwed to live out the choices our parents made for us? Can you break a cycle and move on? When the crazy supernatural elements kick in you will also be scared for sure. I am trying not to give a way a lot here. So just see it. The score is playing pretty much the entire film and it really adds to the uneasiness of the film. Yes it’s nerve-racking. Yes it’s gory. Yes it feels real. Yes it’s fucked up. I love the ending too, because it’s weird and insane.  If you go in with an open mind you will love this film. If you go in pissed and jaded saying “This film better be scary” you will probably hate it. Also there are serious horror films and roller coaster horror films. Yes, you can love both too. They are different types of movies. “Horror” is a lot of things. You can love “Insidious” and yet still love the “Witch”.  Don’t be a horror dick. This movie is great and Toni deserves and Oscar for that shit. The director Ari Aster really did an amazing job of keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time but still making it thought-provoking and real. Go see it. I left the theater creeped out and depressed and uneasy.  

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Toni Collette you are gold! I have loved you in everything! Give her an Oscar! Muriel’s WeddingThe Sixth SenseUnited States of TaraFright NightKrampus

B. Look at this fucked up scene.

C. Alex Wolff was great and broken in this movie.

D. Ari Aster for his first big feature film he gave you that shit. He says he is doing another horror movie next and that he loves horror movies.

E. Will you become your parents or family, or can you transcend and move forward. Save yourself!

F. Colin Stetson composed the score. I loved it. He is relatively new composer. Here is a sample.

G. The end credit song was amazing.

H. This poster sums it up. Sad, broken, and haunted.


Top Halloween Inspired Dance Songs!


Here are some fun songs that are Horror and Halloween themed that have a good beat and you can dance to. What am I missing?

1. Shakira- She Wolf

2. Whodini- Freaks Come Out A Night

3. Micheal Jackson- Thriller

4. She Wants Revenge- Tear You Apart

5.Oingo Boingo- Weird Science

6. Ramones- Pet Cemetery

7. Prom Night

8. The Rocky Horror Picture Show- Sweet Transvestite

9. Julian Winding- The Neon Demon

10. Q Lazarus- Goodbye Horses

11. Alicia Bridges- I love the nightlife

12. Lost Boys- Lost in the Shadows

13. 45 Grave- Do you Wanna Party

14. Kula Shaker- Hush- I Know What You Did Last Summer

15. Pseudo Echo -His Eyes- Friday the 13th part 5

16. Mark Ronson- Get Ghost- Ghostbusters

17. Will Smith- Nightmare on My Street

18. Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

19. Ray Parker Jr.- Ghostbusters

20. Gnarls Barkley- Boogie Monster

21. Don’t Let Go- Creepshow

22. Elvira- Trick or treat