“Teen Titans Go” or “The Best Super Hero Movie this Year!

Here is my review for “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies“. The Teen Titans Go are in their first movie. Yeah, I know you are angry because it’s not the old Teen Titans, but life is a bitch and this shit is funny! The story is about how Robin wants his own movie. Ya know like all the other Super Heroes. Nobody gives a shit about Robin so he is fighting for the chance to make a movie. He eventually runs into some bad guys and they want to make his movie. Then zany shit pops off. In the end will Robin get his own movie? Will people get over the old Teen Titans so they can watch this version?

Okay so this movie really is a lot of fun. I love Teen Titans Go and the old show. Can’t we have both? The characters are funny and they are giving you pop culture references and songs. If you love the DC Universe you will love this movie too, because they poke fun at everything. It’s something to check out for sure. You and your kids will love it etc. Robin makes a great ending joke at the credits and there is even an old school Teen Titans surprise at the end.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Beast Boy is my favorite Teen Titan.

B. Stan Lee is in this movie.

C. Lil Yachty sings the theme song.

D. Wil Wheaton plays The Flash in this movie

E. The Justice League shows up.

F. The post credit crazy scene.

G. The Teen Titans DC animated movies are great too.

H. Cute!