“The Kid Who Would Be King” or “King Arthur 2019” – my fuckin review

Here is my review for “The Kid Who Would Be King“. Think Lord of the Rings meets Explorers meets Excalibur. Okay so the films starts off with this English kid named Alex living his life. He and his friend get picked on all the time by 2 bullies. One day while trying to hide from the bullies Alex finds a sword in a stone and pulls that shit out. Which means he is the king. Now shit starts popping off and Merlin the Wizard shows up to help. Then they are sent on a quest to learn how to fight and find his father and the bullies join them. Now a dragon lady has come to kill them and rule England or Earth. In the end I realize swords and armor are too heavy.

Okay so this movie is magical as fuck! It was a lot of fun to see these kids joining forces to fight demons and shit. Louis Ashbourne Serkis was great as a kid King Arthur and he sold it. The real star was Angus Imrie who played young Merlin. You could watch a whole series about his magical ass. He was funny and witty and you believed he was Merlin. It really was a fun adventure story that felt like a kids movie from the 80’s. Ya know, fun for the whole family etc. Joe Cornish wrote and directed this film and he also Directed Attack the Block which was an amazing movie. Watch it if you have not seen it yet. This is a more kid friendly film. If you love action, adventure, 80’s kids films, knights, and quests this movie is for you. I loved it and want to see it again. Also the score was brilliant and memorable.


The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Joe Cornish wrote and directed this film.  He also Directed Attack the Block he has fun with his films.

The Kid Who Would Be King

B. Louis Ashbourne Serkis (Andy Serkis kid) was great and I wished the whole thing was a 10 episode tv series.

C. I am not really into Knights of the round table shit, but I dug this.

D. Angus Imrie  as Merlin was great. He was the stand out character in the film for sure.

Watch this clip of him doing magic.

E. Patrick Stewart played the old Merlin, but honestly he took me out of the film when he showed up. They should have stuck with the young Merlin.

F. Tom Taylor (The Dark Tower) played the bully Lance, but also the Lancelot character. 

G. Electric Wave Bureau composed the score. It was great. Listen to these 2 tracks.

and this one. Great!

H. This poster is great