The Best Films of 2019!

Okay here is my list of the top 10 films I loved in 2019. These are ones I would watch again also. Check it out. You may be like OMG to some and where are some other films. It may change when I see the last couple of movies I need to see but this is it.

1. Ma– Is such a fun film and Octavia Spencer is gold in this. Make a sequel with her on spring break killing kids now! I will watch this movie all the time. It was my favorite movie this year!

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2. Parasite This movie had some of the best characters of the year in it. You really loved them and wanted them to succeed and it was a lot of fun to watch.

3.  Little Women This movie is great and you will love all the women and Timothy in this movie. I will buy this when it drops and I could have watched 10 hours of these characters.

4. Midsommar This movie is creepy and fucked up on a whole other level and you are nervous the entire time. It’s a must see.

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3. Giant Little OnesYou think this story is going one way and it might be predictable but things switch and it shows you another side to being gay.

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5. Booksmart They gave it to you in this movie, you will laugh and want a sequel.

6. Honey Boy Listen the entire cast of this movie is amazing. It shows you a peek into Shia’s life and how bizarre and sad it was.

7. The Farewell You love Awkwafina in this movie and wish you knew her and her family.

9. The Last Black Man in San Francisco- This movie is well acted and interesting and entertaining as hell. See it.

10. Knives Out I love the movie Clue and this movie is like a newer smarter Clue. You will love the characters and pay off.


Some fun runners up! That didn’t make the top 10 but are still great.

1. THE SWINGOUT SISTERS in All Men Are Fucking Trash!- I made this and I am proud of it. You love these people!

2. Dolemite Is My Name Listen you forgot that Eddie Murphy was good actor and still funny as hell, but I love this true story about a guy just trying to make his dreams come true.

3. The Lighthouse This movie will fuck you up but that’s a good thing. They are giving you weird fucked up shit in this movie.

4. The Kid Who Would Be King You probably didn’t see this movie but I had a lot of fun watching this film and I loved the kids in it. It’s a cool movie watch it.

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5 .Shazam! Okay I love this movie it’s silly and even dumb sometimes but I love the kids in it and the ending was fun as fuck.

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6. Us Not as good as GET OUT but still a good movie that had you guessing and scared.

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7..It Chapter Two Not as good as Part 1 but still this movie gave you the scares and the cast was fun too.

8 .Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street– This movie is emotional and super informative for any fan of the Nightmare Films.

9. Cats– You may be asking, wait everyone hated this movie it was a flop. Listen I have never seen anything as ape shit nuts as this movie and it’s worthy of liking. They didn’t give a fuck and made a movie about singing and talking Cats. 

10. Downton Abbey was this movie great? No, but I love these characters and I loved watching this movie. It really was just like the TV show with a bigger budget, but I liked it either way.

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ALSO the best film of the 2000’s is “Battle Royale” 2000 and Mad Max: Fury Road 2015

The Best Satanic/Demonic themed films!

Here is a list of my favorite Satanic/demonic themed films.

1. Damien: Omen II– I love that the antichrist is a teenager.

2. The Exorcist III– The best acting I have seen in a horror movie. 

3. Hellraiser– This is the best love story ever.

4. Prince of Darkness– John Carpenter gave you something amazing and different.

5. The Omen– The score is incredible.

6. The House of the Devil– This is like watching an 80’s movie. It’s a slow build and I love it.

7. The Exorcism of Emily Rose– Don’t get it twisted, because Emily will.

8. Invitation to Hell– I love Susan’s outfit in this.

9. The Exorcist– This shit is still fucked up.

10. Hereditary– A happy ending for the cult.

11. Rosemary’s Baby– Party with Rosemary and her Satan Baby!

12. The Lords of Salem– Hags and satan living their lives.

13. Satanic Panic: Band Out of Hell– A satanic dance band. Count me in.

14. Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands– The sequel- More music, action, and satan worshippers.

The Best Zombie Movies I Love to Watch!

Here is a list of zombie films I love to watch.

1. The Return of the Living Dead – The best zombie ever in my opinion. The dialogue is incredible. The characters are mind boggling. The music is amazing. And a naked zombie!  I get dizzy watching it.

2. Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse– I co-wrote this film and it’s funny as fuck!!!! A zombie apocalypse takes place while people are in a haunted attraction. Watch the film here.

3. Night of the Living Dead– 1990 version. – This movie is depressing and real to me. It seems real to me and sad.

4. Planet Terror– It’s action packed and over-the-top. It’s all about the characters in these movies. If your cast sucks then so does your movie. These characters are amazing.

5. Night of the Comet– Ummmm Valley girls fighting zombies. YES!

6. Pet Sematary– One word “CHURCH”. That cat should have gotten and Oscar too.

7. Dawn of the Dead– 2004.- When I saw this I felt dread and the end of the world would not be cool. It looked horrifying.

8. Night of the Living Dead– 1968 – It’s an old cut but it has great moments. The world part is the catatonic blonde girl. She is the worst.

9. Otto; or, Up with Dead People– Gay zombies enough said. Watch it.

10. Zombieland– This was a lot of fun to watch and filmed in Georgia.

11. Warm Bodies– A zombie love story that was cute and fun.

12. 28 Days Later…– This one is great but zombies didn’t run first in this movie. They ran in Return of the Living Dead.

13. The Horde– This movie is nuts and over-the-top. It involves cops, gangsters and zombies.

14. Dance of the Dead– This movie feels like the director loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Return of the Living Dead. So it’s fun. Zombies show up to the prom.

15. ParaNorman– This movie is amazing and fun to watch. Zombies for the whole family bitch!

The Top Kids Halloween TV Specials and Movies

Here is a list of top kids Halloween TV specials and movies you can watch for the season. All are a fun watch.

1. The Halloween Tree

2. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

3. The Fat Albert Halloween Special

4. The Adventures of Ichabod 

5. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

6. Mad Monster Party?

7. Beetlejuice

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas

9. Hocus Pocus

10. Casper

11. Scooby-Doo

12. The Addams Family

13. The Monster Squad

14. The Witches

15. Halloween Is Grinch Night

16. “The Simpsons”– Tree House of Horror

17. “Jem” and the Holograms- Trick or Techrat

18. Frankenweenie

19. ParaNorman

20. Frankenweenie (movie 2012)

21. Witch’s Night Out

22. The Scooby-Doo Show: The Headless Horseman of halloween

23. Monster House

The Best Films of 2017! Just my fuckin Opinion! CHILL OUT!

Here is a list of my top films of 2017 that I loved and the reviews for each one underneath. You may agree or disagree. Who cares make your own or let me know one I may have missed and I will watch that shit and add it to the list. There are links to my movie reviews after each title listed. It was a great year for movies and there were so many more movies that were great that didn’t make the list. They say when the real world is shit then art is great.

  1. Call Me by Your Name– I have been thinking about this movie for days. A lot longer than any other film this year. Something about stays with you. The acting, the dialogue or maybe the music.  Maybe it was the truth and sadness of it all. I am not even into love stories but this stuck with me. So it wins.

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2. Get Out– A horror movie that is truly scary as fuck, but also says a million things about the world you live in. A brilliant film that will be remembered for years to come.

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3. The Florida Project– I loved this movie because it was funny and sad as hell. It felt real and I loved the characters.

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4.  The Disaster Artist– I loved this story about 2 best friends making a movie that nobody liked.

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5. Wonder Woman– It’s about a Wonder Woman! They gave it to you on a lot of levels. I thought she was believable and sincere.

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6.  The Babysitter– I really loved this movie and watched it 3 times. It was a lot of fun to watch and I loved the characters. Make a part 2 I am in bitch!

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7.  Baby Driver– Something about Ansel sucks you in, and the driving and the music was beyond fun to me. Plus hello Atlanta.

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8. Happy Death Day– Happy horror movies, this new trend in horror is weird but I like it. It was the feel good movie of the year. I loved watching this movie.

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9. Star Wars: The Last Jedi– I loved it because it was subversive as fuck. Then days later fans hated it and critics loved it. WTF! I watched it again, then realized I loved it more. Film is supposed to shock and surprise you. This movie did that.

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10.  It– Those kids sold this movie and made it fun and scary and you are excited to see part 2!

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BONUS: Movies that were fun to watch and were runners-up to my top 10 list.

1. Lady Bird– Mothers and daughters hate each other but that’s funny and emotional. Haha this movie is great.

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2. I, Tonya– Dialogue I can understand for a change. Also a story about a true American hero that everyone shit on.

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3. The Shape of Water-The love story we were waiting on. Someone slept with the Creature from the Black Lagoon! A beautiful love story about who are the real monsters in this world.

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4. Blade Runner 2049– I am not a huge fan of Blade Runner, but you are sucked into this movie and you just stare at everything and are lost in it. The music is incredible also.

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5. Atomic Blonde– Charlize can do no wrong. She is amazing in this movie and the fight scenes will make you go blind.

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6. Better Watch Out – At first I was rolling my eyes in this movie then things flipped and I screamed out loud! I love this mean ass movie!

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7. Beach Rats-This beautifully shot movie about a gay man who doesn’t believe he is gay is as real as shit gets.

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8. Girls Trip– The funniest movie of the year. You will laugh until you throw up.

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9.  The LEGO Batman Movie-The Lego movies have better dialogue than most live action movies. If you love Batman you will love this movie. I did.

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10. Coco-Coco was sad as fuck, but honest too. Even kids wanted to die in 2017.

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