“Bumblebee” or “Freeform Network Presents Bumblebee”- my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Bumblebee“. Okay first of all I love the Freeform network. Second Michael Bay did NOT Direct this movie. All 5 of the Live Actions Transformers movies are trash and it makes me sad to say that because I love and buy Transformers toys. They get worse over time too. Just fuckin trash.

This film starts off with an amazing scene on Cybertron where we see all these familiar Transformers and they look great too. You know who they are too. Not trash cans smashed together like in a Bay movie. I was floored out the gate. The first 10 minutes is better than all 5 Live Action Bay movies combined! Now Bumblebee is on Earth alone and fighting Blitzwing. WTF! I am dead again. They are talking and fighting and the transformations looks amazing. He eventually gets beat up and loses his voice and shit and ends up with a girl named Charlie. She is coming of age just like Bumblebee. So why not do it together. She is over her family and has a shitty job and these mean girls want to see her ass fail or whatever. Eventually John Cena shows up and is basically a one not bad guy. They try to give him some shit here and there, but honestly he sucks. Meanwhile back to teen drama and a yellow car. Shit hits the fan when 2 Decepticons show up and fuck with them all. In the end will Bumblebee learn the meaning of real friendship or will he just start dating Charlie.

Okay this movie was a lot of fun. I love teen dramas and I love Transformers. So I was set to go with this fucker. I love that there is real dialogue scenes between Transformers where they are just standing around talking. The camera is not flying around etc. Bumblebee feels more real in this movie, they all do. It really is a coming of age story for Bumblebee and Charlie. Growing up is a bitch for anyone. Even a robot. I really do hate the Michael Bay films and this movie feels and looks great compared to his shit. John Cena really is the weak link. It was just military character that was angry and wanted to kill Bumblebee blah blah blah. He doesn’t feel like a real character. The Director Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings) did a great making you feel for CGI characters. Michael Bay couldn’t do it in 5 films. It was written by Christina Hodson and she is writing Batgirl also. This movie feels like E.T, or Short Circuit, or Iron Giant. Ya know, alien lands on Earth and tries to hide and becomes friends with a human, but really that story works and you like it. It takes place in 1987 so you will get all those 80’s songs in it too. I am okay that. Yes, there are a couple of silly parts for kids, but I am okay with that so that maybe these kids grow up liking Transformers and shit. If you want to see the best Transformer live action movie, about a tough and smart girl coming of age with a giant yellow robot then this movie is for you. It was for me. I loved. You will enjoy it too.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Dylan O’Brien does this voice for Bumblebee. Also Bumblebee is more a likely character in this movie. He is also looks better as a bot.

B. Hailee Steinfeld (The Edge of Seventeen) was great in this movie and you buy what she is selling. She is cool etc.

I can’t like they end it with a pop song and I loved that too.

C. Angela Bassett is Shatter and Justin Theroux is Dropkick were great as Decepticons. I love them. They were having real conversations and were smart. Also their posters are incredible.

D. The Transformers look and sound great in this movie. They Transform all the time in it and it’s not shot with a constantly spinning camera and you can see the whole robot transform. It’s not zoomed to see parts turning. I want to see the car stand up. They gave you that. Their voices are great and have conversations.


Look at this fight scene with Bumblebee and Blitzwing!

F. John Cena was a drag in it. It was just kinda of dumb, forced and one note.

G. Cute poster. Get rid of John Cena in it.