“Final Girls” or “For The Love of Slasher Movies” my fuckin review

Here is my review for “The Final Girls“. I love slasher movies! Okay not all of them shit. This film starts off with a lady named Amanda (Malin Akerman) who used to be in slasher movies back in the 1980’s. She has a daughter named Max (Taissa Farmiga) who loves her and they get along but the dad is a no-show. They live ghetto style because slasher films aren’t paying the fuckin bills anymore. Tragedy strikes when they get into a wreck and the mother is dead as fuck. Time passes and Max’s friends are showing her mom’s film “Camp Bloodbath” at special screening and want Max to be there to talk about her mom being in the film. Shit pops off in the theater when there is a fire and her and her friends get trapped/teleported inside the slasher film that her mom starred in back in the day. Now they are living the film out. 2015 meets 1980 something. They are literally trapped inside “Camp Bloodbath”. They have to go through the horror movie motions to survive the film and get out the fuck out. Who is the final girl and will she survive? Okay this movie is a lot of fun and is really funny too. If you love horror movies you will get the jokes and laugh too bitch. My favorite character in the film was Tina, she is the party girl in the 80’s film “Camp Bloodbath”. There is always a “Tina” in horror movies. Start paying attention to that shit. Honestly it’s a lot of fun to see 2015 horror knowledge meet 1980’s no horror knowledge characters. The cast is great and it’s a group of people who you love and recognize from other films and TV shows. It really is a fun throw back to 80’s slasher films and a must see if you love these movies. There is even some emotional moments. So if you love horror movies, slasher films, Friday 13th, comedy, Bette Davis Eyes and weird time travel then this is the movie for you. I loved it. Go watch and love. How can I pay to go do this for the weekend!!!!!

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story), Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries), Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley), Alexander Ludwig (VikingsThe Hunger Games) and Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) were all likable and you would want to hang with. A must in a horror movie.


B. Here is a sample of the score by Gregory James Jenkins. Someone to be on the listen for.

C. Directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D ChristmasThe Inbetweeners).

D. Tina aka Angela Trimbur (Major Lazer) was my favorite character. Her stripping scene is amazing!



E. The song “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes was played in the movie and it was amazing.

F. Malin Akerman (Childrens Hospital) was real and sold it as the mother/horror films star. 


G. Here is an interview with Taissa Farmiga, Nina Dobrev, and Malin Akerman talking about the film.

H. Here is the slasher.


I. Adam DeVine is funny in everything.


J. A “Final Girl” is the last girl to survive in a horror movie. In case you didn’t know. Ya know the smart one or virgin or whatever. She lives to fight the main monster another day.

K. The poster. I love it.


“Spectre” or “Bond Has To Have Herpes By Now” my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Spectre“. Okay first off let me say that I love James Bond movies. I like spy shit and the music is the cats meow bitch. Okay so this film is after all the shit popped off in “Skyfall“”. Which was one of the better Bond films ever I thought. Okay so this film is really about the evil organization called Spectre and how it controls all this shit all over the world. It’s leader is Blofeld aka Christoph Waltz. They do a good job setting his ass up and the group like a cult, which I love.  Meanwhile the group Bond works for is on the way out because spies are old school and computers are new school. Q and Money Penny show up and help Bond out to help bond because they like spies more. Later Monica Bellucci shows up and slaps the shit out of Bond then they bang (fuck). Daniel Craig is 47 and Monica Bellucci is 51 so this is a very age appropriate bang and cool to see. Unfortunately Bond does fall in love and bangs another younger girl (Léa Seydoux) who is 30, so much for that. Later bond gets his ass beat to the point of being unconscious and he still can make love right after. In the end I think Bond and Blofeld fight, then Bond gives up the spy life to get married and lets Blofeld go? I’m not really sure about the ending.

Okay I love James Bond so had fun watching it. It’s not as good as Skyfall for sure but still entertaining. The ending is weird and makes Blofeld seem weak and dumb. They spent so much time setting Blofeld up as “the author of all his pain” for all these movies and now he is laying on the ground crawling. It was weird and lame. I do dig Daniel Craig as James Bond still and they seemed to have a little more fun with him in this movie. I love a more funny ass Bond. The cast for the last 2 movies is amazing. I love Q (Ben Whishaw), Eve Moneypenny (Naomie Harris), and M (Ralph Fiennes). They are all amazing and I’m glad they are in on the action as well. There is an odd Bond/Blofeld family storyline going on in this movie as well that is confusing. I feel like it is forced and doesn’t make sense. Somehow they grew up together in the mountains or some shit. The plot should have been this. Bond took Blofeld’s parking spot at a Toni Braxton concert in the 90’s and has hated him since.

The music is a big part of these films and I feel the last 2 scores by Thomas Newman have been generic and forgettable. I love Thomas Newman too so I am disappointed. Go back and listen to the scores of John Barry and David Arnold to the old James Bond movies and have your minds blown. This score is forgettable and disposable. The theme song by Sam Smith doesn’t match the movie at all, because it’s so sad and depressing like you are at a goddamn funeral. This film is more light-hearted and fun. Even at the end of the movie Bond is with that girl and it’s a happy ending yet your theme song says go kill yourself. This song honestly fits Skyfall more because Judi Dench died in that, so that shit was sad. Plus I think in the opening credits they were getting molested by an octopus. Okay maybe that was hot. Although this film was entertaining it was definitely not as good as Skyfall. It is worth seeing and it’s a good movie, but just not a great movie. So if you love James Bond you will dig it like you dig all the films. Go check it out.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. James Bond will bang anyone at anytime. He is always hard even if he is about to pass out from a fight and his bones are broken. Just know if you see him is probably hard as a rock. We found out he was Bisexual in Skyfall so that means guys too.


B.  We miss Judi Dench was amazing in these movies but Q and Money Penny are the bomb too!



D. Monica Bellucci is hot at any age and she will slap the fuck out of you.


E. The score by Thomas Newman was generic and forgettable. Here is one of the better tracks.

F. Christoph Waltz is cool as Blofeld until he is laying on the ground crawling like a weird bitch at the end. Also the family ties background with Bond is a little too much and someone not enough. Is he better than Donald Pleasence as Blofeld? No, but nobody could be a Donald. 


G. James bond in this outfit was cool.


H. Sam Smith’s theme song is too sad and depressing for this film. Also the octopus was all over James Bond in the opening credits. I tried to find an image from the movie but couldn’t find one so I had to make one. This is basically what it looked like. They nasty as fuck!

octopuslove copy

Here is Sam Smith’s music video for it.

I. The poster. Cute.

1$_V?_Job Name


What I did for Halloween 2015!

  1. Went to Nightmares Gate Haunted house.12017471_10153627046524819_6531387045969536153_o
  2. Went to a Lake House and was almost murdered!


Here is the video to prove it!

3. Went to New Orleans and visited Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo!


4. Went to House of Shock haunted house.


Made friends while in House of Shock.tumblr_nvocp94gAv1qzzkdho1_540

5. Went to the SCREAM QUEENS T.V. show house.


And American Horror Story Coven house


Me dancing outside the Coven house.

5. Went to the North GA Fair.


6. Had movie nights all month with Dylan Gravley.


We made crafts with everyone.


Took pics.



7. We had a Wes Craven Candle light vigil when he passed.


7. Went to Scream on the Trail.


8. Went to 13 Stories Haunted house.


10. Released the movie I co-wrote ATLANTA ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: THE MOVIE online. Watch it here:

11. Went to the Lost Boys Vampire dance party and ran into real glam vamps.



12. Dressed up as a Vampire and hosted and Adult Swim event at the Midtown Arts Theatre.


13. Tried to play a Salt N Pepa record backwards to call the devil.

14.  Was in the Little 5 points Halloween Parade and made the AJC paper with Luke.


Video from Adult Swim of me singing in the parade.

15. Went to Uncle Shucks Corn Maze.


16. Went to Chambers of Horror Haunted House.


17. Went to Keith Hudson’s Halloween Party as Dimitri the Demonic Goat Wizard


Me and Keith.


The video from the night!

18. Helped raise money by working with Shane Morton with Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse for a High School by putting on haunted house there. Here’s a look:

19. Went to Zombie Walk 10. I was Cecil the Lion Zombie.


Here is a video of the event:

20. Had a Pumpkin Carving Jam with Will and Max LeBlanc.


My Pumpkin this year.


21. Went to Goth Night at Marys.

Here is a look:

MTV liked our Scream costumes.


22. Here is my 2015 Halloween costume: Domo Arigato 70’s Roboto!


23. Went to Chelsea’s Birthday/Halloween party.

Me and Chelsea.


Thad dressed up as Sparkle Hooves!12188245_10153703373889819_443775744606366364_o

24. Went to Mary’s Halloween Party.

Me and Ben Cheaves at Marys.


25. Went to the Scout Mob Party on Halloween Night.

Max Fisher, Cherry DelRosario and Me.



Here is a video from that night:

26. I won the door decorating contest at my Apt.


“Jem and the Holograms” or “Truly Truly A Goddamn Let Down” my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Jem and the Holograms“. Okay let me first start off by saying I love the cartoon “Jem“. The story, the characters, and the music for it are fucking amazing. So really these new Producers/Directors had it handed to them with a bow. How could they fuck up something that was already such a huge success and lasted the test of time? That being said I was excited to hear they were making a live action movie about Jem. I couldn’t wait to hear more about this new stylized film with cool over-the-top characters and music. Unfortunately I learned fast it was not going to be that, so I have known this mess was coming for a while, and it was not going to be the Jem anyone knew or loved. It would be some toned down, YouTube version of Jem that would only have male writers and Directors. Trust me that matters because it’s a show about women/girls etc. So going into the movie I was not expecting much, because the trailer already let everyone down. Literally the trailer came out and CNN talked about how everyone hated it immediately for many reasons. I still went into the movie hoping for the best because fuck it’s a Jem movie.

Okay now back to the movie. The film begins with Jerrica Benton (Aubrey Peeples) and her Sister Kimber (Stefanie Scottliving with their Aunt Molly Ringwald and 2 foster girls Aja (Hayley Kiyoko) and Shana (Aurora Perrineau) because their parents are dead. They can all can sing, etc. One night Jerrica films herself  wearing pink wig and singing a song she wrote. Kimber takes the video and puts it on YouTube under the name Jem and it goes mega viral. The song is boring as fuck and honestly nobody would click on that shit. Anyway she is an internet hit and a big music Producer named Erica Raymond (in the cartoon it was Eric Raymond) wants Jem on her label. Erica is a smart evil bitch and played by Juliette Lewis. Honestly she is the most fun thing about the movie. I’m even okay with her being female and owning the company Starlite Enterprises. At least that is cool. So Jem and the Holograms are born and they take some dumb ass fucking little robot with them named 51n3rgy (which was called Synergy in the cartoon and was a hologram woman) that Jerrica and Kimber’s dad built. It just beeps and projects shit, and wants them to find more pieces of itself all over the city so that it can be completed. Yes, they are sort of building a robot and trying to find pieces of it that are hidden across L.A. Later they meet this hot dude named Rio, who in the movie is Erica Raymond’s son. Then Erica takes them for a makeover but Jerrica is having problems with her Jem personality that she her-fuckin-self came up with. Jerrica thinks she is living a lie? Ummm I guess like all the other big musicians out there with fake stage names. Get real! So we are supposed to think that somehow getting a fuckin makeover and new clothes is bad or selling out or losing yourself ? Hahaha this is every teen girls fantasy. Shit it’s my fantasy. BUY ME SHIT! Remember douchey dudes filmed this movie. Maybe they thinks it’s wrong to spend a man’s money or some shit. Shit gets crazy and Jem fights with the holograms over the record contract because Erica wants only JEM. Basically Jerrica is trying to save their house, but the Holograms think it’s more important to be homeless/broke and a no name shitty band. In then end they have to break into the record label that they work for to get her earrings back. Let me say that again. They break into the record label they work for. That’s like saying you are going to work the next day and say you broke in. Jerrica needs the earrings so that she can plug them into the shit bot so that it can project an image of her fuckin dad, so that he can tell her she did a great job putting the robot together. Now do what? Jerrica’s dead dad has recorded himself before he died so that he could tell Jerrica in the future that she did a good job putting the robot together. Also the robot does nothing else. I would smash that bitch and throw it out the window for wasting my time. FUCK YOU HOLOGRAM DAD! But wait, there is one last song and Jerrica has decided that she wants to be herself and not Jem because that is fake or some shit, but then she decides to still be Jem. hahah Your message doesn’t make sense dickheads. She tells the audience everyone is Jem. Hahahaha I am Jem bitch! hahah Then as we are about to walk of this movie and kill ourselves during the end credits we see Erica Raymond going down a haunted house looking street corner that is glowing in the dark. Where the Misfits are hanging out. Then Pizazz walks out and it’s KESHA! WHAT THE FUCK! Yes, this is the movie we wanted to see, but didn’t get. We got 5 minutes of it in the fuckin end credits. In the goddamn end credits. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

THIS WHOLE MOVIE IS ONE MISSTEP AFTER ANOTHER. Not because we love the cartoon, because your film doesn’t make sense and acts like teens girls are dumb, and that nobody else could possibly like this content. This could have been a stylized over-the-top music sci-fi adventure. Instead nobody saw it. They could have made something cool and memorable. Instead you made the world sad. You made the fuckin world sad bitch! If you are Jem fan you will see this movie like I did and be sad, then smile for a second when it reminds you of the cartoon. If you are not a Jem fan you will think this is literally confusing trash that is incoherent and boring. I understand updating these characters for 2015 or whatever but you fucked up and literally made this film for nobody. I took a picture of the theater I was in and nobody was in it. So yeah you made it for nobody. In the end watch it on NETFLIX for a laugh and to see that they made a Jem movie that could have been something cool and amazing. Instead it’s a YouTube rags to riches shit story. Like how Justin Bieber made it big. I forgot to mention how they keep cutting to random YouTube videos the whole movie. I guess they think teens need to see random fuckin YouTube videos so they won’t be bored. I have no idea why they are in the film otherwise. You are insulting to teens though. I’m sad about the film. I’m glad they are remaking the toys and merch and that more people know who Jem is. I could write about this for days but fuck it. Just go watch the cartoon on Netflix and be happy.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Juliette Lewis as Erica Raymond was the best part about this movie because she was cool, bitchy, and fun. In the original cartoon it was a male named Eric Raymond. Oddly enough though she was supposed to be evil but just made sense to me the whole movie.



B. Jerrica/Jem was boring and forgettable. You mean to tell me this mousey ass bitch getting out of a limo is supposed to stop people in their fuckin tracks with this outfit and hair? Haha bitch please. I would trip her. The Holograms were more memorable. Jerrica/Jem acted like a dumb cry baby who didn’t know how to delete a video.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.37.38 PM

I mean look at this below, I would wreck my car if saw this coming at me.



C. The Misfits are what made the Jem cartoon fun, by leaving them out you blew it. You showed them during the fucking end credits. Literally the 10 people who saw this movie said “Ummm that’s the movie we wanted to see you stupid fucks”. I mean watch this and have your dicks explode. Imagine Kesha singing this live with effects etc.

D. Having Rio secretly own Starlite Enterprises is stupid. In the cartoon Jerrica owned it. A woman. Now a guy has to? You literally had woman running the company and took it away from her and handed it to a man.  This movie was made by 3 douchey dudes. At least ask the woman who made the goddamn cartoon what they thought. A man literally did nothing at the end of this movie to save the day but secretly own the company. WTF!


E. Going to get new clothes and new hair is not changing who you are bitch! It’s a make over and it’s fun because you are boring and ugly. If someone rich said lets go get new shit cuz I’m rich. I wouldn’t say “I can’t, I want to stay Eddie Ray, It’s who I really am”. FUCK YOU! I will change my name to fuckin Becky Diamonds and spin around on stage nude right now if you pay my fuckin rent bitch!


F. Kesha as Pizzaz is amazing and it’s the movie we want to see. You didn’t make that movie though. You made a boring teen girl movie written by middle-aged men who know nothing about being a teen girl. So teen girls could care less. You took out the action and adventure and sci-fi elements that the cartoon had so guys don’t care. You took out the fashion and big hair so women and gay guys don’t care. You took out the cool story and character stuff that the fans of the cartoon loved so they don’t care. Who the fuck did you make this movie for? Literally nobody because it tanked. It’s the 4th worst opening for a movie ever.


Here is a video somebody made where they take a Kesha song and put it to a Misfits video. It’s literally perfect.

G. Sometimes they would throw you a bone. Like there goes a character’s name we recognize. Zipperrrrrrrrrr then that’s it.

H. The music was pretty good. I mean it sounded like cheesy pop. Jem songs always kinda sounded that way. Here is Jem’s hit in the movie. Also a link to listen to the whole soundtrack.



“I’m Still Here”

“The Way I Was”

I. 51n3rgy was literally a waste of time. They put this fuckin stupid robot together so that it could project a hologram of Jerrica’s dad telling her she did a good job putting the robot together. So he made this advance technology so that in the future Jerrica could go on a scavenger hunt to find the pieces to put it together so that it could tell her she did a good job putting it together. WHAT THE FUCK! It literally did nothing else. I am serious. It didn’t project holograms to help them or clothing or whatever. Just the message of their dad and maps to its own pieces. Basically their dad could have made a VHS tape saying the same shit and hid it in a Little Mermaid case. What a dumb dumb dumb fucking waste of time in the film and a character! Literally kill me.

Honestly which would you rather see?

This robotic piece of shit that beeps and does nothing but project and image of her dead father?


Or this Holographic Electronic Disco Version of Olivia Newton John that projects literally anything- clothing, cars animals, people, and dumpsters?synergy1

J. What is sad is that during the last song Jem sings they cut to real people talking about how much they love Jem (Jem the cartoon, people submitted videos to the filmmakers), they are wearing wigs and Jem T-shirts etc. This was the only real emotion this movie could give you. Real fans talking about the real love for the Jem cartoon. Not the movie. It made you more sad about this film.

K. The most Jem like moment in the film was when Jem sung by herself on stage and had a lot of pink make up on without the holograms, but the filmmakers made it seem like this was the moment she had sold out and lost herself. What? The most Jem like moment and we are supposed to dislike it? UMMMM FUCK YOU!

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.40.57 PM

L. Here is the announcement video that three douchey dudes made announcing that they were making this movie. Notice how they are playing with Nerf guns the whole time. It’s like they don’t take it seriously. This was day one I knew it was going to be a mess. The Director is Jon M. Chu (Step Up 3DG.I. Joe: RetaliationJustin Bieber: Never Say Never, and Justin Bieber’s Believe). The Producers Jason Blum (he Produces a lot of Horror movies) and Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber’s old Best Friend). They are getting death threats now from fans. Good!

M. Literally a picture of the theater I was in. Completely empty.


N. There are some Jem cartoon cameos in this movie. They should have asked them how to write it and Direct it. Samantha Newark plays a hairstylist. She is the voice of Jerrica and Jem in the cartoon. Britta Phillips is the stage manager. She is the singing voice for Jem in the cartoon. Also Christy Marx plays Lindsey Pierce. Christy is the creator of the Jem cartoon. She was not asked for her input on the story or movie. That was a huge mistake. 

I mean listen and be amazed and dazzled bitch! Christy Marx we love you and you made true magic!

O. Maybe the filmmakers are right. Maybe over-the-top outfits and hair don’t make sense in 2015. OH WAIT THE DO! FUCK YOU! Look around at musicians and bands all over the fuckin world bitch!

article-2620405-1D942ABA00000578-905_634x801 California-Dreams-Tour-Performance-In-Montreal-katy-perry-23435878-1377-2002 sdfvaw

P. The poster.


Q. Me leaving the theater.



“Knock Knock” or “Knock Knock! Who’s There? Two Girls From Coachella To Fuck Keanu Reeves” – my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Knock Knock“. This movie is directed by Eli Roth. It’s best you know that right out the gate. He has done such terrible classics as Cabin FeverHostelHostel: Part IIHemlock Grove, and The Green InfernoOkay so this movie starts off and Keanu’s character is close in age to Eli Roth’s real age. Keanu has a couple of kids and a wife that he loves and they love his back. There are million pictures of them all up in the house on ever goddamn wall to prove it. It’s really forced and they want you to see how much of a happy family they are. Now the wife and kids have to go out of town and Keanu is all alone. Later it rains and there is a KNOCK KNOCK at the door. It turns out to be 2 “hot” young girls at the door that are all wet and are lost and have no car, etc. So Keanu is nice/horny and lets them in to use the phone because there phone is wet or some shit. Then the girls need to dry their clothes and get nude so they put robes on to make him hornier. They are stupid, etc. They flirt with Keanu until he gets a boner and then he fucks both of them even though he loves his wife or whatever. The next day he wakes up and the “Horror” begins. Okay not horror, but trouble or whatever. The Coachella girls will not leave and they are making messes with eggs and markers. Oh nooooooo. Crazy shit happens and in the end Eli throws forced cheap morality at us. That we already know and just don’t care about it really. Yeah, don’t cheat on people bitch. He likes to force this weird backwards ass morality on his audiences. It’s like he is showing us his own creepy ass fantasy (one of the Coachella girls Keanu fucks in the movie is literally his wife in real life) about 2 hot girls knocking at the door in the rain then he fucks them, but what if they didn’t leave and he got caught. Fuck you. Even in the movie Hostel half the movie was like yeah let’s fuckin party and get laid, then oh no people in foreign countries will kill you though after they fuck you. It’s like he is jerking off at home then while he is in mid stroke he says “You know what would be fucked up….” while he is still jerking. You are a perv bitch. Shut the fuck up. Your morals and logic are backward ass. Meanwhile I would have shot both those girls in the head. I have also never seen Keanu Reeves act scared in a movie before and let me tell you it was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. I could have went the rest of my life without seeing that shit. I love Keanu but him in this movie made me sick. Thanks Eli you ruined Keanu. The 2 girls were okay I guess, if you like going to Coachella or Tomorrow World. Meanwhile Eli Roth is a let down to me. His films are forced and yet never enough. Okay they are violent or whatever, but so what. Give me smart and memorable characters. You have not done that yet. So if you love Knock Knock jokes then this is the movie for you, cuz the joke is on you bitch. Wait for Netflix then go in and say it’s one star and not watch it. 

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Keanu Reeves is terrible in this movie and it made me sad. I love him in most things, even if he comes off cheesy, but this was just gross.


B. Eli Roth’s films bore me.


C. Eli’s wife Lorenza Izzo is in this movie. Maybe this is the story on how they met in real life.


D. You see the girls nude but not Keanu.

E. Don’t open the door to strangers at night ever. I don’t. Here is what you would have heard at my house. Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock. Then sirens, cuz I don’t know these bitches.


F. I would rather had seen the true love story of Keanu and River Phoenix.


G. Poster. Whatever.


Songs I Would Eat You To If I Was A Vampire Bitch!

Here is a list of songs I would listen to if I was a vampire. I would bite the fuck out of you to these jams. Also if I was vampire I would still wear a vampire mask over my real vampire face and dress street not goth, but still wear a cape.


  1. Alicia Bridges- I Love The Nightlife

2. Lionel Richie- Running the with Night

3. John Parr- Naughty Naughty

4. M.A.R.R.S.- Pump up the Volume

5. Bauhaus- Bela Lugosi’s Dead


6. Lionel Richie- All Night Long

7. Snap- The Power

8. Whodini- Freaks Come Out at Night

9. Blue Öyster Cult– Burning for you

10. She Wants Revenge- Tear You Apart

11. New Order- Confusion

12. Junkie XL- Dealing with Roaster

13. Rob Zombie- Dragula (Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare Mix)

14. Marilyn Manson- The Beautiful People

15. Tangerine Dream- Bus Station (Includes Mae’s Theme)


I won “Best Indie Filmmaker” in Atlanta BITCH!



It looks like a bunch of people of voted for me and I won. I hope there is a cash prize so it can help me pay for these Halloween costumes. Haha Okay here is my speech that Marlinda Phillips asked for haha. I have been filming shit since I was 10 years old and some people think most of the things I make are ghetto, violent, vulgar or whatever. To me that is just being honest and probably the way I sound. I just make them because they make sense to me I guess and I love movies. I just hope you watch something I made and laugh or throw up or whatever. I think most of you reading this have probably been in one of my films or videos over the years. I literally meet you and think who could you play in something, then you are in it. Basically this thing should have all your names on it because without people believing in you, then you got shit. All the actors, co-writers, co-directors, producers, musicians, artists, people who work with me behind the scenes, production folks, etc. You won too. So thank you for believing in me as much I believe in you all. smile emoticon Also sorry for torturing everyone on their days off for years and years. Especially the past 15 years haha. Thanks for taking the time to vote on a bitch too. I am just happy we got in the Atlanta Film Festival this year and we got noticed on Creative Loafing Atlanta. Anyway thanks for watching and caring. If you have been in one of my films old or new do you have good or bad memory with me on it? Haha also now when I ask for money on an Indie Go Go you will give some yay!

Add Ebola Entertainment on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/groups/148565215215876/

Me as an evil child!


Here some of my favorite films we made. I am sure you will like at least one of them old or new.