What I did for Halloween 2018!

Here is what I did during Halloween 2018. I keep a log of what I did so that I can look back and see years later. Also to make sure that I did enough to make Samhain happy. Thanks to all who celebrated Halloween with me.

  1. Watched Nightmare on Elm Street 4

2. Got a window sticker of Michael Myers

3. Went to see Slender Man at the drive in.


4. Made these meme.

5. Decorated my front door.

6. Decorated my office.

7. Watched The Omen and made Satanic cookies


8. Made Shrinky Dinks while watching Hocus Pocus.


9. Went to 13 Stories Haunted Pink Trap House.

10. Went to Fear the Woods haunted attraction

11. Made a new short film for Halloween! On Halloween in 1978 Ben Tramer just wanted to have a good time and ask out the girl of his dreams Laurie Strode… but things don’t always go as planned. See the untold story of Ben Tramer from the classic film Halloween (1978).

12. Went Netherworld Haunted House.

13. Watched Halloween 4

14. Went to Universal Horror Nights

15. Went to Not So Scary Mickey Party at Disney

16. Was on Assembly Line Yeah at Adult Swim and made a ghost.

17. Went to see the new Halloween movie

18. Went to Camp Blood

19. Bought 1,000 bucks worth of Halloween candy for parade

20. Was in the Little 5 Points Halloween parade

Adam and Eddie Adventures

here is the full parade video

21. Went to Nightmare’s Gate

22. Saw the new Halloween movie twice.

23. Carved Pumpkins

24. My Halloween Costume for 2018 is The Icee Bear.

25. Mary’s Halloween Party

26. Joey’s, Joe’s and Steven’s halloween Party

27. Uncle Shucks Corn maze


28. Went to see the Exorcist.

29. Was on HOW TO DRAW on Adult Swim carving Pumpkins.

30. Max Fisher got me 2 autographs from the cast of Halloween 2. Nancy Stephens and Ty Mitchell.


31. The Fog

32. Co-hosted The Halloween Special for Swap Shop.

32. Halloween night! We sent to see the new Halloween movie at the drive in but there website was screwed up and they weren’t playing it. So we saw the last 15 minutes of earlier screening.

We also made these Trick ‘r Treat  inspired decorations.

33. My Halloween night pumpkin 2018.





“Halloween” 2018 or “The Year of Halloween”- My fuckin review

Here is my review for “Halloween” 2018. Listen I love the Halloween movies. I love the music and the characters and Michael Myers. I was so excited to see this movie and the new swag/merch that has come out this year for the Halloween movies is nuts. It’s a great time to be alive for Halloween. Okay so this movie takes place right after the first Halloween movie back in 1978. The others movies do not exist. It’s 40 years later and Michael has been locked up in Smith’s Grove this whole time. Laurie is a Doomsday Prepper and has been stockpiling weapons etc. She has a Daughter named Karen and Granddaughter named Allyson. They both think Granny is crazy from her ordeal back in the day. Ya know get over it. Now Michael has escaped and he is out looking for blood and Laurie. Laurie is dealing with stress and emotional issues but you can’t shut Laurie Strode down. Michael starts killing everyone and he means business, it’s get gory as fuck. In the end it’s the 40 year reunion of Michael and Laurie. Who will get their asses handed to them this time!

Okay so I felt overwhelmed watching this movie. I have been waiting so long for it to come out and I was like HOLY SHIT! I love the Laurie Strode character on any timeline. You really just feel sad for her and her life this time because Michael fucked her shit up. I even love the dynamic between Laurie and her daughter. You know mothers and daughters don’t get along etc., but Laurie and her granddaughter do. I even love how it’s really about women empowerment. It always has been. In Halloween 1 Laurie was strong and smart. She is stronger and smarter now. She is trying to live with the shit that happened to her, like a lot of women do today. I love the “New” Loomis, because he is not Loomis at all. It reminded me of Dr. Wynn from part 1 and 6. That’s the thing too, there are nods to all the films but in subtle ways that fans would probably know. Mrs. Elrod from part 2 is in there! Yes!

Michael was scary again in this one too. Micheal’s walk was great. He even sells it with the standing around. In 4-8 he really wasn’t scary to me. The mask looked great too and it’s what really sells him. A lot of the masks have looked like shit over the years. I really love that he is walking the suburban streets again and just killing people, but not everyone. I love that he doesn’t kill everyone, that’s the way he was in part 1 and 2. Skip over some people. The score by John Carpenter was incredible, his music is amazing to me and always feels right. It makes a difference in having him compose the score again. Halloween 4 and 5 scores are pretty good, 6 is a lot, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later is too hollywood and uses a big orchestra, Part 8 is terrible. Rob Zombie’s movie scores for his remakes are just noises and sound effects really. So it makes a difference to have Carpenter on it again. They did a great job shooting a lot of the Michael Myers stuff, but I do wish it was more “Halloween” season atmospheric. Even part 4 has a great opening and you feel like it’s Halloween in that movie. Something quiet and dark about it all.

Is it perfect? No, but how do they make it perfect? I have no idea. Did the English Podcast people get on my nerves? Yes. I do miss that Laurie is his sister. I loved that. It scared me in Halloween 2. I also wish it was longer. More Showdown and more Teen dialogue, but I get why it couldn’t be longer. I also wish it had more nods to the other Halloween movies, but loved what they showed. Even the Jamie Lloyd nod at the end was great.

It was made for fans of the Halloween series for sure. It may not be what everyone wanted but it gave me what I needed and I hope they make another one. I have learned with horror sequels when someone watches one of these movies when they are young that’s the one they liked and think is scary. When people get older, obviously they are not scared like they were when they were watching it at 15 years old or whatever. The world is a real scary place now. So it’s hard to submit to horror movies as an adult. Scary is relative and always will be. One persons nightmares is another persons action adventure or whatever. When you see anything with young/fresh eyes it’s new and scary. When I watch horror movies now I try to think, would this scare me if I was in it. It does and I loved it. It’s great to see theses characters again also in something new. It feels like friends of yours that you get to see again. Also Michael Myers is like Dracula now and timeless. We will always see him in different movies in the future like Dracula. The fun thing is that you have 11 Halloween films to choose from to watch and love whichever one you want to. Even the worst one is still pretty good. I think the new one is scary and moody and depressing.  Anyway so go see this movie and love it or hate it. You will still be entertained by it. It’s Michael Myers and Laurie Strode! She is a 59-year-old woman who is the lead in the number horror movie right now. That’s amazing!


The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing in these movies. Laurie Strode is a hero to us all. I love her in this movie and all the movies.

B. Directed by David Gordon Green (Eastbound & DownRed OaksVice Principals) and Written by David and Danny McBride  Honestly I have enjoyed his shows etc. They are funny and smart ass and the dialogue is great. There are funny or real moments in this film too. I wish there were more.

C. Judy Greer was great in this as Laurie’s daughter Karen Strode. I love Judy and she is Fern Fuckin Mayo from “Jawbreaker“. We love al the Strode girls. They are tough, real and smart.

D. Pj Soles aka Linda also plays the voice of the teacher in this new movie.

E. Yes, the character Cameron’s dad is Lonnie Elam from the original Halloween!

F. Here is a video of me and Max visiting the Original Halloween locations.

G. The complete score and it’s amazing. John Carpenter , Cody Carpenter , Daniel A. Davies composed it.

H. I am in the party scene in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2.  Dressed as this ghost costume I made.

I. Andi Matichak did a good job as Allyson Strode, the news Strode girl. I hope they make another and bring all the Strode girls back.

J. A short film I did back in the day about Michael Myers attacked people for littering on Earth Day. Fuck you it was for school. They said do an Earth Project. I made this.

K. I hope there is a Director’s cut with more teen scenes.

L. The new opening credits are here.


M. This poster is incredible.


“Crazy Rich Asians” or “The Feel Good Movie of the Year”- my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Crazy Rich Asians“. Okay so I was excited to see this movie. There are so many actors I love that are in this film. The films starts with Constance Wu dating Henry Golding. She thinks he is just a normal dude but it turns out he is rich as fuck. Now he wants Constance to go back with him to and visit his family. Henry’s mother is Michelle Yeoh (she is a global treasure) and she is stern and controlling. She is not into Constance at all. Meanwhile Awkwafina shows up and I love her and she is comedy gold. Now all Henry’s friends are mean to Constance and she is at a loss on what do. Gemma Chan pops up with her own husband issues and she is not a robot in this. In the end will Henry’s family learn to love Constance or well she say fuck it and head back to the states.

Okay I really enjoyed this movie. It was fun to watch and I really loved all the characters. It really was interesting to see another perspective on a love story.  Constance Wu really is amazing. I loved her in this and in Fresh Off The Boat. She just has comic timing and it feels real. Michelle Yeoh is incredible in any movie. She really is a global treasure and has been in so many films now. It was great to see Gemma Chan in something else too. She is in the show HUMANS and I love her in that as well. Awkwafina is comedy gold and I can’t wait to see her in anything. It really felt like an 80’s love story updated for 2018 with cool and smart woman in charge and controlling the story. You even see some scenes where Michelle Yeoh is discriminated against in the beginning of the film. Yes, it’s a light-hearted love story but with truths mixed in. It’s just great that a Hollywood film finally allowed an all Asian cast in a film. Not since the Joy Luck Club. Which is a great movie also. Only 1% of lead roles in films go to Asian actors. Maybe change is happening, although it’s too slow. Anyway go see this movie it really made you feel good about things and the soundtrack was fun too. I loved it. Is it perfect? No, but it’s fun and you will be excited to see this cast. It really was the feel good movie of the year for many reasons.


The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Constance Wu you are brilliant and your comic timing is amazing.

B. Michelle Yeoh is a global treasure and she can do no wrong.

C. Gemma Chan is incredible. Where did she come from! I love her in the and in the show HUMANS.

A pic from the tv show HUMANS

D. Jon M. Chu (Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (Documentary), G.I. Joe: RetaliationJem and the HologramsNow You See Me 2Now You See Me 3) Are his films 4 stars? No, but they have been fun.

E. Awkwafina is truly funny!

F. Henry Golding was great in this and I hope he is in more movies now.


G. This soundtrack is great! Listen to some tracks!

H. Some info about Asian actors. 


I. Cute

“Slice” or “The Worst Movie of 2018” My fuckin review

Here is my review for “Slice“. Okay this is the latest movie from A24 Films. So we were all excited to see it. The film starts off with a town full of ghosts. They all work and own houses and order pizza and shit. Then murders start happening and pizzas are being delivered. It’s also supposed to be a comedy I think, but nothing was funny. Eventually Chance the Rapper shows up and is a werewolf with shitty makeup. In the end overacting witches show up and deliver shitty lines. It’s a mess.

Okay I have not wanted to walk out of a movie in years, but after 15 minutes I was like this is the worst movie I have seen on any platform in years. It’s stupid, the acting sucks, the score sucks, the plot sucks, and I hated it. I even suck for watching the whole thing. It just had cheesy and forced jokes non-stop. Eye rolled my eyes so much they got stuck. The ghosts walking around were dumb as fuck. The witches looked like they were ladies from a shitty improv class. Someone once told me “Just because you can, it does not mean you should do”. If you have the money to make a movie it doesn’t mean you should make one. Also this is an A24 Film and they have given us so much. People say “Well it’s A24, so it will be good”. That’s a false statement now. This is like some bootleg ass movie you would see at bad horror film fest. Listen, I make silly or crazy shit too. This is not it. It’s dumb and trash. Don’t watch it, or don’t believe me and watch it. Then say “It’s the worst movie of the year”.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Maybe Chance the Rapper signed up and didn’t know? Maybe he can’t act? Who knows, but he looked busted in that cheap THRILLER makeup.

B. Austin Vesely directed this trash. He directed Chance the Rapper Ft. Saba: Angels I hope he knows it sucked. 

C. I love Zazie Beetz(Deadpool 2, Atlanta, ) but she is terrible in this movie.

D. A24 Films have given us great horror movies. I guess they can’t all be zingers. This are great “The Blackcoat’s Daughter” “Green Room” “Witch” “It Follows”  “Under the Skin“ and “Hereditary“.

E. Listen we all love Joe Keery (Stranger Things) but he is an irrelevant character in this movie and thrown in because he was in Stranger Things I guess.

F. The characters were annoying and pointless. I don’t want to eat pizza again.

G. Whatever.

“The Predator” or “Eat My Pussy Predator” my fuckin review

Here is my review for “The Predator“. Okay the original “Predator” movie is amazing. It’s like the tank of action films. Crazy masculine shots of dudes with muscles and shit. It’s crazy. The score is brilliant also. So this new movie is a sequel, so the previous films happened etc. It starts off with this sniper named Quinn McKenna. He is on some mission in the jungle and watches a predator ship crash, then he steals that predator’s helmet and arm weapon, and mails it to his son back in the states. So he would have proof of seeing an alien. This movie is already crazy at this point and you are like okay this shit is nuts. Quinn gets in trouble with the government because he saw the alien. Now he is thrown on a bus with people who are “Crazy” but really they are just unstable and bros. The “crazy” team eventually joins forces with a scientist and a weapons expert played by Olivia Munn. They discuss eating each other pussies for a little while. Now they are running around trying to find the predator and also Quinn’s son who is wearing the Predator mask for Halloween. You in the audience are like this movie is all over the place! Anyway more shit happens and there is a big mutant Predator and Predator dogs. It really is all over the place. In the end we learn that Autism is just an evolutionary jump.

Okay so this movie is literally nuts. The editing is choppy as fuck. Some things do not make any sense, which I think is because of the editing. The characters all walked out of an 80’s action movie. Ya know I am bad ass, and I am evil. Why? Who knows. Olivia Munn just shows up and is a scientist but can also fight and shoot all kinds of weapons. Quinn is a sniper who really is just a bad parent and murderer. He has lines like I will kill you if you bump into me again. Well who wants to know this person? Do you? He will kill you. He needs to be in jail. He also murderers all these military people. Umm you are in the military too. Yes, I get it he is a tough guy character from the 80’s, but have we gotten over this type of character? There is also a character with Tourette’s, but laughing at someone who curses a lot and can’t control it. That’s an old joke that is played. Why not just have someone just curse a lot. Ya know, like most people. Then someone told me the director Shane Black has Tourette’s. So I don’t know. The predator is cool but in the end doesn’t really make sense. He is here to help humanity, but kills so many humans to help them. HAHA There are just so many weird ass moments that do not make sense, it looks like things were chopped out of it while editing. There is a weird ass scene where they talk about “Eating my pussy”. It’s like wtf haha. Then you are pissed because the kid or the Predator doesn’t say it to someone later. Now that would be funny. That all being said, yes, it is fun to watch and honestly non-stop action. You may be confused watching it and roll your eyes at certain characters but you will not be bored. It is a thrill ride for sure. I can see they were trying to make something fun and over-the-top, it gets lost in itself at times. I would not rush out to see it, but when you watch it you will have fun watching it.


The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Boyd Holbrook was okay in it. He is like a super tough guy that says super tough lines like “if you touch me again I will kill you”. Do these people really exist. It’s like you are in the military and the guy guarding you is in the military. You murdered that dude.

He used to be a model. I wish that was the plot. This model finds a predator mask and wears it on the runway for fashion week. Then the predator shows up and he and his other model friends have to stop it.

B. Olivia Munn I know her name but I have not seen her in anything else. She plays a smart/tough character but she has to get naked so that the audience knows the predator will not harm people naked and afraid. Also She tries to get a blood sample from a dead predator and the guys are telling her to shut the fuck up etc. That was dumb.

C. Shane Black directed this movie and he also wrote it with Fred Dekker they also made the movie “The Monster Squad“. Which I love.

D. Jacob Tremblay has Autism in the film. These kids are making fun of him called him Aspergers. Like Ass Burger. You can tell an adult wrote this joke for the kids to say. Do kids know what Aspergers is? Anyway the kid is the smartest person in the movie. So there is a message somewhere. Another character has Tourette’s Syndrome. This seems like an 80’s joke. Like we need someone in the film to curse a lot. Why not just have someone curse a lot and not have Tourette’s. I curse a lot. Then someone told me the director Shane Black has Tourette’s.


E. Henry Jackman composed the score. It’s a throwback to the original score. So you like it by default. Here is a sample.

F. Fuckkkkkk, Arnold was supposed to be in it.  The original ending was this……

McKenna, his son, Rory (Jacob Tremblay) and Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) have all just survived the final attack of the Super Predator (referred to as “The Upgrade” in the script) when a helicopter lands. Out climbs…Dutch Schaeffer (Arnold Schwarzenegger), his “face haunted; etched by pain.” Dutch tells the trio to come with him, and when Rory asks, “Uh…me, too?”, the franchise’s second-most iconic badass smiles and says “Especially you.”

Cut to black.

Arnold said this about being asked to be in it.

“They asked me, and I read it, and I didn’t like it — whatever they offered. So I’m not going to do that, no. Except if there’s a chance that they rewrite it, or make it a more significant role. But the way it is now, no, I won’t do that.”

Arnold should have showed up and shot the Predator at the end and said “Eat My Pussy Predator”. I would have died.

G. Jake Busey plays Gary Busey’s kid in the movie. Gary was in Predator 2.

H. I liked the spaceships flying around and it takes place during Halloween. I wish they had went to Predator world. They also say “Shut the fuck up” a lot. I was like true.

I. I have enjoyed all of the Predator movies. Some have been better than others though.

J. Cute

“The Nun” or “Hell to the Nun” my fucking review

Here is my review for “he Nun“. Okay so this is a spin off from “The Conjuring 2“. Which I loved. The nun was creepy and fun in that movie etc. This new film starts off with scenes from ”The Conjuring 2‘ then it goes back in time to the 1950’s. It takes place in a Nun Castle where the evil nun lives. I’m not sure why she is there. The evil nun is killing other nuns and now this boring Priest, a not nun (she is not a nun yet), and a hot dude from Canada all head to the nun castle to see what’s up. The hot Canadian is there for a “Love Interest” for the Not Nun. Which is weird. Are they going to bang or something. Wtf. She is a nun. Anyway they realize there is an evil nun doing crazy shit and decide to stay. All 3 characters are boring and poorly equipped to deal with this demon nun. They run around for an hour and the nun is coming out of the goddamn walls to get them. In the end we find out the hot dude is really French Canadian, the priest is not good at his job, and the not nun becomes a full nun and does a trick she learned from Jada Pinkett Smith from “Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight” (a fun movie watch it) to kill the evil nun. Well not kill because she is in the Conjuring 2 in the future.

Okay so this movie is just dumb. I love The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2. They both have an interesting story, and it’s based on reality. The Nun is made up. Annabelle 1 and 2 are made up. You can tell because they are dumb movies. The Nun has a basic horror storyline, ya know investigate an evil thing somewhere, stay cuz you dumb, then fight it and good wins. They only thing unique about it is that they are all wearing nun outfits. The cast is literally made up of 3 people and all 3 people are boring and forgettable. It takes place in 1950 but it feels like 1850. It’s weird. The dialogue is generic and weak. The score is silly. Did I hate the movie? No, but it’s like who cares though. Even in the ending there is a hell mouth to close, and that was 7 years of Buffy. The blood of Jesus trick they use in it is from Demon Knight. Maybe they love those movies, but we have seen those tricks ya know. I really didn’t expect much. I thought it would be like Annabelle. Bad, and it was. Director James Wan directed The Conjuring and Conjuring 2 and he didn’t direct this movie and you can tell. He really is a good director and this movie feels like a quick gimmick. You may say will this movie is different or it’s this or that. Well they keep harping on how these films being spin offs from the Conjuring universe, but they don’t feel like it. You set up the universe now don’t blame me when I tell you it doesn’t fit in the world you created. Sorry I will have nun of that shit. Anyway I guess watch it on Netflix and roll your eyes etc.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Taissa Farmiga was boring in this movie. Maybe she is boring in everything and I never paid attention enough.

B. Bonnie Aarons played the Nun in this movie and The Conjuring 2. Good for her though.

C. Directed by Corin Hardy (The HallowThe Prodigy: Warrior’s Dance).

His best work is this music video.

D. Jonas Bloquet (Elle) plays the French Canadian. The nun didn’t bang him. 

E. She hungry.

F. The music was composed by Abel Korzeniowski (Penny Dreadful) it was boring. Joseph Bishara composed The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Insidious and those scores are great and scary. Scores really do make the horror movie. If your score is weak so is your movie. 

Here is sample:

G. We made a Nun movie earlier this year. Check it out. It Makes more sense.

H. This poster is creepy.