“Star Trek Beyond” or “Star Trek 3- We On The Ground This Time”- My fuckin review

Here is my review for “Star Trek Beyond“. The Enterprise is back and they are bored as fuck! They have been out to space driving around for a few years exploring, but like any job shit gets old. This is beginning of the new movie and it feels real and honest, which I loved. Meanwhile the characters seem over it and not excited to be in space, so they decide to park at a big ass space station to chill for a minute. While they are there and Sulu is visiting his husband and daughter they get a distress call. So they go to investigate, while trying to help the bad aliens show and whip their asses star stupid and they are stranded on a planet and the race is on to figure shit out with the aliens and each other. Then get off the planet and save the universe. 

Okay so I love the cast to these new Star Trek films and all 3 have been fun and action packed and emotional. I really hope they keep making more of these with this cast. A lot of this movie takes place on a planet but that is interesting because we are so used this cast being on a ship. It’s more like the TV show. I like that too. It’s different for the films. The ship blows up in this one just like in the old Star Trek 3, which is also great. I like how similar things happen in the new movies that happened in the old movies. I also liked how they paired the cast up and separated them, so that we could get to know their characters better. Also how they are changing their dynamics because history is altered now. Like Sulu being gay and having a husband and daughter. Which is about time really. They did a good making Kirk and Spock look bored with their jobs and space travel. Shit work is boring sometimes. Don’t get me wrong there are some weak points here and there in the film. Idris Elba seemed out-of-place while in makeup then when it came off he sold the shit out of it. I enjoyed watching it and I will buy it when it comes out on Blu Ray. So if you love action, adventure, Sulu gay, The Beastie Boys, and the Star Trek Universe then check this shit out. You will dig it. I wish they had a big dance off at the end.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto sell that shit every time and they are great as these characters. You believe they are best friends. 


B. Rihanna made this song and video for the movie. It’s cute.

C.  Justin Lin directed this one.  He did a good job and it was different and fun. 

D. John Cho is great in these movie and I’m glad they are branching his character out and making him gay with a husband and child. It makes sense.


E. Anton Yelchin is awesome in this movie and every movie he was in. He will be missed. Here is an article about his death. 



F. Michael Giacchino is brilliant. I love him. Listen here.

G. I do love this poster too and it’s modeled after an old one.




H. Idris Elba as Krall was great when the makeup came off. When it was on I didn’t even know it was him and was bored. When it came off I was like fuck he should get and Oscar. 


I. Beastie Boys- The theme song for all 3  new Star Trek movies.

J. I love this poster.


“Suicide Squad” or “Everybody Hates The Squad!” – my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Suicide Squad“. Okay so we have seen “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and those were entertaining but messes in their own ways. Although Zack Snyder didn’t direct (David Ayer did) this movie, he did set up the world that all these bitches live in and will look like, so this is the DC world we are stuck with now. Honestly I have learned to just accept this shit. So going in I feel like I knew what was coming. If you expect a Marvel movie you are not going to get it. If you are mad because it is not a Marvel movie, then you are a fool. Also re-watch Man of Steel and BvS and you will know what you are fuckin getting.

Okay so now that there are Supermans and Batmans running around the government aka Amanda Waller decides she needs to set up a super hero force to protect the United States from Super Humans. So she decides to get a bunch of super criminals to do the dirty work etc. The Squad will do what she says or she will kill them or their loved ones or not give them B.E.T. Uh Oh, now this super witch pops off named Enchantress, so Amanda gets the squad together to go shut this witch down. Will Smith plays a bad guy but it really is just Will Smith in a costume. Harley Quinn is there and crazy and the Joker is hot on her trail in his pimp costume because he really misses her. There is also a talking crocodile, a guy who throws Boomerangs, and a girl who talks to her sword. I’m okay with all that bullshit. In the end bad guys aren’t so bad and can actually have a heart.

Okay so this movie was fun and entertaining. I enjoying watching it and I had fun with the characters. Once again I have accepted the world that Zack Snyder has set up because I love DC characters and I don’t have a fuckin choice bitch! That being said it’s edited like a cartoon and that’s giving cartoons a bad wrap. Although a lot of the rock/rap songs are fun your realize it’s overkill and they must be trying to distract you from something. The editing mess! Harley aka Margot Robbie is the best character in it, Will Smith really is just playing Will Smith in it. The Joker takes you a minute to get used to, and the way Jared Leto talked about living that character and shit for months you thought this Joker was going to be the best thing ever seen. HAHA SHIT! It was okay I guess, if you like the Hot Topic Party City Pimp costumes at Party City. I mean it’s a different approach and that’s cute I guess. I do like that he is literally only in the movie because he loves Harley and wants to hang with her.

Now I am seeing all these reviews talking about they HATED this movie. Like it’s the worst movie ever made and the reviewers act like the director murdered their families or some shit like this. Are you serious? This movie ain’t great, but the worst movie it’s not either. It’s fun and entertaining and it doesn’t deserve this hate. Michael Bay films yes, but this movie no. If you went in expecting a lot from a movie with a talking Crocodile then you fucked up. I have no problem saying I liked it. I feel like everyone hated it but me. WHAT THE FUCK! Poor, poor Squad. hahahahaha If you love or like DC you will be entertained but will wish for more. If you love sucking Marvel’s dick daily then you will HATE IT! I mean like I said this is the world Zack made and the dull depressing colors and jumbled plots are the way all this shit will be from now on. Wonder Woman is next. I love her so kill me.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. This Hot Topic Party City Pimp. You know his dick is tattooed too. He will not be your favorite joker but you will get used to him by the end. Hahasuicide-squad-movie-images-joker

B. The two main stars of the movie. Harley was the best. Will was Will as usual. Her shorts are short as fuck.


C. The theme song for the movie by twenty one pilots. I do like this song, but it sounds like early 2000’s.

D. June Moon and the Not So Bummer Summer! Spin Off.


Also she looked and moved like Akasha from “Queen of the Damned”. I did think she was funny though.


E. Gender bent Harley. This is my good friend Blake England.

1. He should dress this way every day.

2. He makes a great Harley.

3. I love it. Go Blake!

11947451_10153662209174614_9043221412169853072_nSo does Harley.

F. I can’t believe how angry people sound reviewing this movie. I get that it wasn’t a great movie and was an editing mess, but these critics act like the director murdered their fuckin families. Get real, there is talking crocodile in it, WTF did you think was going to happen bitch!

Check this one out. Vanity Fair said fuck this shit.


G. Viola Davis was the real villain of the movie. She will kill you.


H. I heard there is a serious edit of the film. Hmmmmm wait I think the cheesy comedy helped it.

I. Batman showed up in it. I guess that was cool.  I love the Joker’s pimp car.

Batman Suicide Squad

J. I do love all these posters and the colors and shit. It’s ape shit.




“Ghostbusters (2016)” or “If You Are A Kid You Will Love It- PG AS FUCK!”- my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Ghostbusters“.  First of all I love the whole concept of the fuckin Ghostbusters. Uniforms, ghost hunting, ghosts, a team patch, and a cool car. I don’t really care who is in the outfits. As long as it’s not Adam Sandler I guess. When I heard these 4 women were going to be in it. I was like FUCK YES!!!!!! I love them all! Dream Cast! So yes, this time it’s an all female cast. Which didn’t seem like a big deal to me at first, but mother fucker I guess it is. It turns out a lot of dudes secretly hate women unless they are banging them. They don’t like that women are in the Ghostbusters outfits. WHAT THE FUCK!

Meanwhile back to the movie. Okay in this remake/reboot or whatever the 4 ladies unit to fight and trap ghosts. It is basically an updated version of the old movie but with women and crazy updated effects etc. Okay so like I said I love the whole idea of the Ghostbusters and it was a lot of fun to watch. I love Kristen WiigMelissa McCarthyKate McKinnon and my favorite was Leslie Jones. They were all great in it and I love their characters. It was pretty action packed and the 3D effects were ape shit nuts. The music was all good and I love the new Ecto- car.  Slimer is back and I love him too. Okay now that being said it was reallllllly PG, and what I mean is the jokes were flat and lifeless. Which is sad because I know Paul Feig films are funny as hell and all these women are hilarious. It was like they handcuffed all of them and they couldn’t say or do shit that was funny. If you have seen this film you will know what I am saying. If you haven’t then you will say “PG is okay Eddie, so what”. NO, it was like funny for a 10-year-old maybe. Maybe! It’s just flat and dead. Towards the end it gets a little cartoony with the ghost fighting too. Which little kids will love but you just feel embarrassed watching. Hahaha. I assume this was the studio telling them to make it more kid friendly. Which means cut out everything funny I guess. I bet the outtake reel is amazing. I mean I have seen “kids” movies that are amazing and funny ass fuck aka the “Lego Movie” etc. So don’t hand me that made for kids bullshit. 

The bad guy in the film was named ROWAN (Neil Casey) and I hated him. He was terrible and forgettable. He is just gross and dumb and forced. Eventually Chris Hemsworth becomes the bad guy and at least that was entertaining. He was fun as Kevin too. It’s like pick a cool bad guy for fucks sake. UGHHHHHHH!

In the end it’s Ghostbusters so you will be entertained and take kids to see it and they will love it more than you will. I liked it and had fun but the jokes were PG and flat as fuck. I did love the look of everything and I liked the cameos and Slimer. I hated the Ozzy Osborne cut away. It was useless and trash. If you love the Ghostbusters then you will probably “like” this movie and have fun watching it. If you are a Ghost Bro, who hate women then you will probably hate this movie. If you are a kid you will shit your pants. I hope they make a part 2 because it was fun and I love the characters and hope for better jokes and a better bad guy. Yes, I bought toys from it!!!!

The trailer:

The Facts:

A. I love all these ladies. Uncuff them and let them be funny. They are really talented! Let them be!


B. Maybe they will make a part 2 with them all with a better bad guy and let them be more funny. Then people will love it.

C. Patty (Leslie Jones) is my favorite Ghostbuster! SO amazing!

ghostbusters_c 3240

D. The score is composed by Theodore Shapiro (SpyZoolander 2The Devil Wears PradaNot Another Teen Movie). It was okay.

E. I love the new car! I want it!


F. New theme by “Walk the Moon”. It’s pretty good.

G. Chris was funny as Kevin.


H. Ghostbuster VR ride in NY. We were funnier than the movie.


I. Slimer is back and Drunk as fuck! YESSSSS I love his girlfriend too. 50e4490461a8e95ec04c404f593be91b-650-80

J. I was a Ghostbuster for Halloween once.


I have been to the Firehouse! I took this pic!


We also had Ghostbusters fun before the movie came out.

13603670_657642994388547_3135220863964236605_o 13662100_10153868748613722_8906842567812264860_o

Here are the Atlanta Ghostbusters!13716094_10154339430234819_456818917054268922_n

K. I like this poster the best.



“The Neon Demon” or “Beauty Isn’t the Only Thing, There Is Also Blood!” my fuckin review

Here is my review for “The Neon Demon“. Okay I loved “Drive” and liked “Only God Forgives”. So I was excited about “The Neon Demon”. If any Director is creating real art it’s Nicolas Winding Refn for sure. This film starts off with an amazing main title song by Cliff Martinez. Yes! It grabs your attention right off. Meanwhile back to the story, a photographer named Dean is taking pictures of a young girl named Jesse who is just starting off in the modeling world. While changing after that shoot Jesse meets a makeup artist called Ruby and they become friends. Ruby introduces her to other models and fashion designers who love and hate her for beauty and youth. Jesse is only 16 years old but everyone wants what she has and they will literally do anything to get that shit. Now I don’t want say anything else so I don’t spoil the insane shit that happens the rest of the movie, but honestly it gets weird and crazy as fuck.

Okay so yes I loved this movie. It’s beautiful, intense, and insane, and I know that everyone will not love it, but it held my attention the whole time. It might get too crazy for some, but I was literally saying “yessss” when it got more violent or vulgar, etc. They gave me something interesting and visually unique. The characters are evil, sad, and bizarre and even sometimes robotic. At times there are even hints of italian and vampire horror films mixed in which was just cool. The modeling industry even felt like a Satanic/Witches cult which I loved too. There were some things in the movie that made a couple of people in the audience walk out of the theater but I loved that too. If you want PG then go see “Finding Dory” or some shit. This is not that movie. If you can make people sick enough to walk out of your film or get the audience to say “This director needs to be put in an insane asylum” (someone said that behind us) then you did your job. The audience felt something for fucks sake. Like I said this director is doing what he wants to and it’s interesting and might shock your lame tired ass, so you might walk out or get turned on. Shit who knows, but go see it. Sometimes film should be shocking. My only issue is the dialogue was quiet at times but I feel like his last 3 films were that way as well. I think his films have a music video quality to them sometimes but honestly I’m okay with that also. So think vampire/Italian horror meets David Lynch meets David Cronenberg meets Stanley Kubrick meets “Showgirls” meets a fairy tale. So I loved it. Enter at your own risk bitch.  I will see it again and buy it.

The Trailer: 

Just the Facts Please:

A. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (DriveOnly God ForgivesValhalla RisingBronson). He is great director and keeps me interested and guessing and his work can be paused anywhere and turing into a painting for the wall. 

My review for “Drive”. https://eddieraysmoviereviews.wordpress.com/2011/09/23/drive-or-one-of-the-best-movies-of-2011-my-fuckin-review/

My review for “Only God Forgives”. https://eddieraysmoviereviews.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/only-god-forgives-or-its-rude-to-stare-ryan-gosling-my-fuckin-review/

An interview with Elle and and Director Nicolas.

B. Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road– The Dag) was great in this movie and was beautiful and creepy. Here she is taking off her fuckin glasses and is literally frozen. Amazing. Lifeless. Love her!



C. Elle Fanning (Super 8Maleficent) was great. She was really 16 when they filmed this and honestly seemed like “Everything” in this movie.


D. Cliff Martinez my mind is blown. This score is the best I have heard this year. I love it. I am amazing at his work in the last few years. Go CLIFF!

E.  Bella Heathcote (Dark ShadowsPride and Prejudice and Zombies) was great as the hungry ass model.  I love her in this film.



F. Elizabeth Bathory was this real countess who wanted to keep her beauty and bathed in girls blood. Check her ass out here.


G.   This song is amazing by Julian Winding “The Demon Dance”.

H. Jena Malone (Donnie DarkoThe Dangerous Lives of Altar BoysSaved!Sucker PunchThe Hunger Games: Catching FireBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) is great in this movie and fucked up. She sells that shit. Creepy as fuck! Take that moon bath!


I. Karl Glusman (Starship Troopers: InvasionStonewallThe Clown) was cool as the photographer boyfriend. 


J. So many triangles in this movie. Father, son, holy ghost! The trinity of girls!


K. This poster is amazing.



“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising ” or “Funny Ass Neighbors With Messages”- my fuckin review

Here is my review for “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising“. Okay so I loved the first “Neighbors” movie. I don’t like a lot of comedies lately because they can be to “BRO-y” or stupid as fuck etc., but the first one was great and allowed Rose Byrne to be just as vulgar and silly as Seth Rogen in the film. Anyway this sequel starts off with Seth and a pregnant Rose raising their daughter. They are trying to sell their house and move out of the neighborhood after all the shit went down in the first film. Zac and the frat brothers have graduated and moved on and Dave Franco is now Gay and getting married. Zac feels left out these days because all his friends have found jobs and moved on. A new character played by Chloe Grace shows up to college and tries to join a sorority, but finds out that all sororities are not allowed to throw parties. This is a real rule at colleges. WHAT THE FUCK! Girls can only go to male frat parties. Which in the film (and in real life) are where dudes get girls drunk and take advantage of them and force them to act like hoes, etc. So Chloe and the girls decide to start their own sorority so that they can throw their own parties without creepy ass pervy college dudes trying to get with them all the time. Now they move into the house next to Seth and Rose and enlist the help of Zac throw successful parties. Now the war is on! Seth and Rose want them all out because they are trying to sell their house.

Okay honestly this movie is funny and I did love it. It’s as funny as the first movie to me and I love all the characters and could watch them in any situation at this point. Put them on a cruise or in space. Fuck it whatever. I mean Seth Rogen is funny, but Zac Efron and Rose Byrne are really funny in this movie as well and are allowed to be just as funny and vulgar. That’s the thing too, the women in this movie are fun too.  Chloë Grace Moritz and all the sorority girls are funny as hell. The girl named Awkwafina is amazing! A lot of times these movies are all about the men being the comedians and the women sit back and take the sexist jokes from the men. This isn’t that movie. It’s an even playing field. The men and the women are both funny as hell. It’s 2016. Everybody is fucked up and funny. Let everyone be that way in films too. I mean it’s a silly vulgar comedy about colleges and sororities, with babies holding dildos, etc., but they mix in messages about women empowerment and gay marriage too. So props to that shit. It could have just been the standard women hating, racist and gay bashing shit. These comedies keep shoving in our faces. So I was like yay something different. Yeah the plot is like watching a TV show from the 90’s but that is funny too to me. If they do a part 3 they have got to get off campus and go to space or some shit. Get the cast and go nuts. That’s what would be fun now. 

It really is a funny film and I enjoyed it and the characters. If you liked the first film you will probably like the silliness of the second film. It is over-the-top shit for sure, but I loved it and can’t wait to see it again. I will buy it on Blu Ray.

The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. Zac Efron really is funny in this film and they call him out about a lot of shit. You even feel sorry for him for a second. I said a second bitch! Zac you are giving it to us. Go bitch. 



B. One of my good friends is in this movie! Cantey Hammond! Zac takes a drink from him at a party. Cantey is a star!

12376529_10206876010476634_2936714949562016780_n copy

C. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are great comedy duo. Rose is funny as hell in this movie and vulgar and gross. Go ROSE!


D. Here are some funny scenes from the movie. Watch they are great!

E. Chloë Grace Moretz and the other sorority girls are funny as hell but also smart and cool. 


F. His clown scene is amazing.


G. Dave Franco can do no wrong. Now he is gay and getting married. Amazing. 


H. Awkwafina is in this movie and she is funny as hell and should have her own movie. She is a rapper also. 


Here is one of her music videos.

I. The poster making fun of Superhero movies.

Also fake trailer for part 3.


“The Conjuring 2” or “The Warrens Go Fight Demons In England, YES!” my fuckin review

Here is my review for “The Conjuring 2“. Okay so I loved the first “The Conjuring” and it was one of the better/scarier horror films in the 2000’s so I was really excited to see part 2. Okay so this film takes place in 1977 and in England. It involves a real life haunting called “The Enfield Poltergeist”. A little girl named Janet Hodgson starts fucking with a Ouija board and shit starts popping off. At first Janet and her sisters and brothers start hearing noises and their beds start shaking. Eventually a creepy ass dead old man shows up and named Bill and possesses her ass. Now Janet is levitating, teleporting and speaking like and old bitch. They are scared as fuck but still trying to eat biscuits (English cookies). Meanwhile back in America Ed and Lorraine Warren are dealing with The Amityville Horror and that fucked up nightmare. Lorraine is seeing evil ass nuns running around and saying she ain’t about that life no more, but they get the call from England and head over. When they arrive they are skeptical as fuck an decide to sing Elvis songs and chill, but soon find out demons are a foot. Now it’s a showdown between The Warrens and this demon nun and they are all out of biscuits!

Okay so I loved this movie! It’s scary and fun, and you will definitely be jumping watching it. I love that the sequel takes place in England and yes there are your typical haunted house/ghost tropes in this film, but honestly that makes sense to me because it’s based on true story from 1977 and those tropes come from the past. There are some new ideas thrown in. Let’s be real. It’s “Based” on a true story. So there are some things that aren’t true I’m sure. James Wan (The Director) really has learned how to make an effective horror movie over the years. I was not a fan of his “Saw” movies, even though I liked the marketing and the concept of those films. When he made “Insidious” I was like this is it. He made the “Poltergeist” for the 2000’s. He is giving me what I need in a ghost/horror film. It’s like walking through a haunted house. Creaking doors and floors, spooky music, shadows moving around, teaches you about them, then a ghost jumps out and yells at you. I love it. He also does well with characters. In this movie they are funny, likable, and memorable. He always works with composer Joseph Bishara and the score for this movie is amazing. I think Joseph is one of the most relevant horror composers of the 2000’s. His shit is on point always.

Casting Patrick Wilson and Vera Farming as ghost hunting legends Ed and Lorraine Warren was a smart choice too. They are both great in these roles. You love them and believe in their love for each other and their ability to toss demons out of houses. It was also a great idea to film movies about Ed and Lorraine Warren because they really are the who’s who of the Ghost Hunting world. They were everywhere and saw it all when it came to ghosts. Real or not they were they were there with a ghost story to tell. I would love to visit their demon museum.

So if you love ghost stories and being scared then this is the movie for you. It is creepy, spooky and fun to watch. You will scream bitch! There are a couple of lovey dovey cheesy moments but I let them slide because I know Ed and Lorraine Warren were really into each other. Go check it out ASAP! Especially if you love ghosts and haunted houses. Please make more! I will probably see it again in the theater and for sure buy it on Blu Ray.

Here is my review for part one


The Trailer:

The Facts:

A. If you know a demons name us it against them and never say that shit again.


B. The score is composed by Joseph Bishara. I think he is one of the most relevant horror composers of today. His scores are scary and memorable. Listen here.

C. Vera Farming you are amazing in this movie and all you do. I love watching you in film. 


D. Patrick Wilson you are great in this movie and I love that you became a horror hero. conjuring-2-photo-34


E. Here is me and some friends on a ghost hunt. Hahaha

F. There is a demon Nun loose bitch!


G. Oh no, get to a chiropractor!


H. My friend Madeline was dressed up as the evil nun to help promote the movie.

13350265_10154234257444819_2120110882072727414_o (1)

I. Please do a part 3!!!!!!! I love that started in Amityville and showed this kid. I know I hear things may or may not be a hoax, but honestly I was not there and I have seen fucked up shit in my life that I can’t explain. People may think my shit is a hoax or what not, but fuck them.


J. The real Ed and Lorraine Warren

K. An English Documentary about The Enfield Poltergeist.

J. This poster is real cute.



“Green Room” or “Punk Is Not Dead, But It Is Cut the Fuck Up” my fucking review

My review for “Green Room“. Okay so this movie starts off with a punk band on a bootleg ass tour trying to play their fucking jams and make up some money and eat etc. They broke as fuck. They get a gig somewhere near Portland in a shit hole club where the audience is basically skinheads and racists. Portland scares me too. Meanwhile they get done performing and accidentally see a murder in the “Green Room” because they go back for their phone charger and the owner of the club/bar will not let them leave. The punk band is trapped like a mother fucker. Now they have to fight their way out of this bitch. Racists and skinheads everywhere. Punks getting cut the fuck up! I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

green room 1

Okay so this movie is fucked up and fun! When it’s gory, it’s gory as fuck. You will love the cast and want them to survive. It really is a simple movie and the basics, but that is what makes it good. Don’t over complicate shit. Good horror or suspense gets to the point and then the chase is on or whatever. It has that “wrong turn” horror movie feel. Ya know, stick to the places you know. If you take that wrong turn or go to that wrong house/bar then you are fucked. Don’t go chasing them waterfalls bitch. Anton Yeltsin is the main punk rocker guy and he sells it and suffers for real. I like him in all he does. Alia Shawkat is the cool cat, and she has been popping up in a lot of stuff lately. I love her and when I see her in movies now I’m like YES! I have not seen the director’s (Jeremy Saulnier) other films but now I want to. So I will be searching the other 2 films out. Anyway if you love horror and suspense, fucked up gory shit, punk rock, cool characters and Patrick Stewart as a Nazi racist then this is the movie for you. It was a fun ride and you want those racists to pay! Go check this film out. 

The trailer:

The Facts:

A. Punk never dies, but it does hurt like hell.


B. The Director is Jeremy Saulnier (Murder PartyBlue Ruin). I can’t wait for his next movie.


C. Patrick Stewart is evil as fuck but still human in this. It’s real. He has always played shit real no matter what he is doing. 


D. You may get your ass beat at a punk show.

E. Anton Yelchin (Star Trek BeyondFright NightTerminator SalvationOdd Thomas). He is cool and believable in movies. I buy what his ass is selling. 


F. Alia Shawkat is great in this movie and I love her in other films too. She is someone to be watching (Pee-wee’s Big HolidayThe Final GirlsGetting OnArrested Development). 


G. I want Joe Cole‘s character on my side when shit goes down. 


H. Never barge into a room when a door is closed. Knock first. Even if your phone charger is in there.

I. I love this poster.green-room-movie-poster